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Halloween hookups: Costumes men and women find attractive

Ever wanted to know what people really think of your Halloween costume? Or whether or not what you’re wearing increases your chances of getting lucky? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

Couple dressed as zombies for Halloween

Odds of getting lucky

Have you ever wondered if a sexy Halloween costume could potentially lead to a one-night stand on Halloween? According to a survey conducted by PlentyOfFish, 53 percent of single women have not because “that’s not their thing” but 49 percent of men say, “Yes, they are always up for a pleasurable night.”

What women secretly think

Does a sexy costume on Halloween increase your chances of having a one-night stand? Interestingly, 87 percent of women say that they have never had a one-night stand on Halloween and 51 percent of women say they are most attracted to men wearing a “funny” costume.

Male costumes women want to see

Characters from the big screen seem to be dominating the popularity polls this year, with 24 percent of women saying they want to meet Batman and 23 percent saying they want to meet Jay Gatsby. We can’t blame you, ladies — those two are very handsome.

How your guy feels about your sexy costume

If you think putting on a sexy costume for Halloween might draw unwanted attention or upset your boyfriend, there’s no need to worry because 49 percent of guys say they are not bothered when their girlfriends wear sexy costumes on Halloween.

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