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Gift ideas based on his zodiac sign

Trying to figure out what to get your guy for the holidays is stressful, to say the least. But don’t fret. While we may not be mind readers here at SheKnows, we do know someone that can help you read his!

Author and astrologer Lisa Barretta offers up her best gift giving advice based on his zodiac sign. Take notes, ladies!


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The Aries man is adventurous and energetic like his ruling planet Mars. He would love nothing more than tickets to see a sporting event (best seats of course, no nosebleed seating for this guy who always likes to be front and center). Visit to score the best seats!



Since he’s ruled by the planet Mercury, the Gemini man loves anything to do with communication. Consider getting this “can’t sit still guy” a Kindle (, $229) so he can read his favorite books and magazines while on the go.


Teal colored sweater

The Taurus man is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love. He appreciates the finer things in life but is sometimes reluctant to splurge on himself. This guy is sensual, so a soft cashmere sweater in one of his favorite earthy tones, green (for money of course!), would make a great gift. We love the Cashmere Cable Zip Sweater from Vineyard Vines for him (, $295).


Wooden headphones

The Pisces man is ruled by Neptune, which vibes to music, art, drama and elusiveness. A pair of LSTN Noise Cancelling Headphones (, $150) are fitting for a man who enjoys escaping the rigors of his day to drift off into his favorite music.


Kings of Cole sweatpants

The Cancer man is very sentimental. He is ruled by the moon and loves his home. A great gift for this guy is Kings of Cole sweatpants (, $138) so he can throw them on and relax around the house. Don’t forget to include a mushy card.


Burberry wallet

The Leo man is not one to shrink away from having the best. He is ruled by the sun and he likes impressive gifts. A Burberry leather wallet (, $350) is the perfect place for him to stash his cash and platinum credit cards.


Gift cards from Amazon

The Virgo man is ruled by the discriminating side of Mercury. He can be a bit fussy at times so if you are not absolutely sure of his size, favorite color or brand, then the perfect present for him is a gift card to one of his favorite stores. This way it saves you the angst of returning something that “he’s not too sure about.” We recommend an Amazon gift card, where the options of things to buy are essentially endless!


Masi 2008 Costasera Amarone classico wine

The Libra man is ruled by Venus and is utterly romantic. The perfect gift for a man who puts an emphasis on being a couple is some old time romantic movies, two engraved wine glasses and a bottle of Masi 2008 Costasera Amarone Classico (Red) Veneto, Italy (, $40) flavored with hints of dark leather, chocolate and exotic notes. Mmmm.


Ralph Lauren's Polo Double Black cologne

The Scorpio man is ruled by Pluto, and he exudes the dark power of this planet. He is a subtle kind of sexy, and the provocative scent of Ralph Lauren’s Polo Double Black (, $61) gives a new definition to seduction, which he’ll surely prove to you.



The Sagittarius man is ruled by fun-loving Jupiter, and he most likely loves the outdoors. The perfect gift for this guy, who is either hunting, playing touch football or just out socializing, is an L.L. Bean Goose Down Vest (, $69) sure to keep him warm.


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The Capricorn man is ruled by Saturn, the planet of tradition and security. He likes understated elegance so don’t get anything too flashy for this guy. A limited edition print or a one-of-a-kind collectable piece of memorabilia will appeal to a man who likes to be exclusive. We suggest browsing to find that perfect something!


Beacon Audio Blazer

The Aquarius man is ruled by quirky Uranus. He loves any type of zany electronic gadget that gives him the opportunity to figure out how it works. A great gift for this guy would be the Beacon Audio Blazar (, $150), a portable Bluetooth speaker which allows him to blast his music wirelessly anywhere, anytime.

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