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5 Health books that will open your eyes in 2014

With a new year around the corner, developing and maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle may be at the top of your to-do list for 2014. Whether your goal is to learn more about having a healthier heart or how to improve your diet, these health books will open your eyes and help you live a healthier lifestyle. Be sure to add these books to your 2014 reading list.


The Sugar Smart Diet

By Anne Alexander

the sugar smart diet

Scheduled to be released Dec. 24, 2013, The Sugar Smart Diet will discuss the controversial subject of sugar. Learn how to take control of your cravings instead of letting your cravings take control of you — and drop a few pounds in the process. This book will address the emotional and physiological effects of sugar and will introduce readers to healthy sugar swaps. It will also include 50 tasty sugar-smart recipes so that readers can enjoy sugar without the negative health effects.


The Beauty Detox Foods:
Discover the Top 50 Beauty Foods That Will
Transform Your Body and Reveal a More Beautiful You

By Kimberly Snyder

the beauty detox food

If you want to know how you can have glowing skin, lustrous hair and a beautiful body, you’ll want to crack open The Beauty Detox Foods and learn about the beauty foods that will make you more beautiful from the inside out. The author focuses on whole, plant-based foods in this follow-up to her popular Beauty Detox Solution book. She educates readers on 50 beauty foods, such as cucumbers, lemons and broccoli, that can help you achieve an inner glow and energy to transform your body. This book is filled with beautiful photographs and has more than 85 recipes, including the popular “glowing green” smoothie.


The Start Here Diet: Three Simple Steps That Helped Me Transition from Fat to Slim . . . for Life

By Tosca Reno

the start here diet

Start the new year off with The Start Here Diet, which will be released Dec. 31, 2013. Tosca Reno, creator of the best-selling Eat-Clean Diet book series, invites readers in to learn about her personal weight loss journey and the three simple steps that helped her take control of her health and transform her mind and body. With this book, you’ll learn how to identify the emotional triggers for overeating, discover foods that are sabotaging your success and basic exercise moves to get your body into shape. It also includes Tosca’s own journal entries, along with cooking tips, recipes and meal plans.


Unleash the Power of the Female Brain

By Daniel G. Amen

unlease the power

Best-selling author and brain expert Dr. Daniel Amen’s new book, Unleash the Power of the Female Brain, provides women with a practical guide and insight to achieve better health. Readers will get an inside look at the unique characteristics and needs of the female brain as Amen addresses subjects such as fertility, pregnancy, stress, anxiety, weight, menopause and relationships. If you’re interested in discovering how you can supercharge your brain to improve your health, brain function, mood and energy, mark your calendars for this book’s release date of Dec. 3, 2013.


Eat for Health

By Joel Fuhrman

eat for health

If you’re looking a practical guide to living a healthier lifestyle, making smart food choices and conquering food cravings, Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s best-selling book Eat For Health offers great insight on how you can take control of your health by eating the right foods. Learn the nutrient density scores of your favorite foods and how a diet of high nutrient foods may help reverse certain conditions such as high blood pressure, allergies, heart disease, headaches and diabetes. With more than 150 simple and tasty recipes to choose from, you can incorporate Fuhrman’s “nutritarian” diet into your lifestyle and prepare healthy meals for you and your family on a regular basis.

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