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Real Women Share the Things Their Husbands Do That Turn Them On

Keeping sex interesting after years of marriage is definitely a challenge. Any one who says her sex life is the same as when she and her now-spouse started dating is lying through her teeth!

Getting turned on by your partner doesn’t have to include getting tied to the bedpost and teased for hours (though surely that sounds awesome!). Nope. We learned that our readers are turned on by far more interesting (and occasionally more mundane) things. Take me for example. It is absolutely such a turn on when my husband does things around the house. When I feel like he is “taking care of business” like a “man of the house,” nothing is hotter to me.

Here’s what some other readers said!

Molly R., 35

My husband and I have three kids under the age of 5. Yes, you read that correctly. Often times it feels like we never have time for each other anymore — let alone trying to figure out ways to keep our sex life alive, vibrant and fun. This may sound silly to some wives, but it’s just such a turn on to me when my husband puts all of our kids to bed and gives me some ME time. It happens about once a month, but hey I’ll take it! Kids are asleep, I’m taking a quiet bath and sure enough, we end up having awesome sex.

Candace C., 25

Being recently married and back in the States fresh from our honeymoon, I think we’re still in that phase of marital bliss. It’s a feeling I don’t want to go away. I guess for me, it’s a turn on when my husband dances around in his underwear. The silliness of it all.

Bettie S., 31

I’m the girl Ludacris sang about when he said he wants a ‘lady in the street, but a freak in the bed.’ Between work, late night work events and being pregnant (due in five months!) my husband and I rarely get to be as intimate as we’d like. What’s funny is that the answer to this question would have been completely different if I was asked it five years ago. Today, my answer is simple: having a nice dinner cooked by my husband and eating it in front of the TV in comfy clothes is a really huge turn on.

Shelley L., 47

I absolutely LOVE it when my husband is dominating and assertive with me. That’s a really, really huge turn on. Normally, we’re very team-like and tend to talk out decisions together about anything at all, really. I guess that’s why if he comes up from behind me, pulls my hair back and drops my pants to take advantage of me, it just really does it for me.

Tessa Z., 27

Simple gestures turn me on. My husband and I have been married for five years — we got married young. Back when we were 22 years old, it was fun to try and fool around in a car in a public parking lot, or something like that. Now, it’s the sweet gestures that make me LOVE my husband even more. Because when I feel this unconditional love for him, it turns me on and makes me want to please him. Sweet texts, flowers on random nights after work and things like that really make me happy.

So there you have it! Readers from different age groups in all different phases of marriage give their thoughts. And now you — what does your husband do that turns you on?


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