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Bachelorette party stories you have to read

We asked women what happened at the bachelorette parties they’ve attended. From goofy to “yikes,” these stories may surprise you.

Bachelorette party with stripper

I found the man of my dreams… at my own bachelorette party

“I was engaged to a guy that I was never really happy with. He was great on paper, but we just didn’t have enough chemistry to get us through a lifetime. I was out celebrating my own bachelorette party and noticed a hot guy on the dance floor. We were both imitating over-the-top dancers so we started a little dance-off. We had so much fun together and I realized this is what I was missing in my relationship! We ended up exchanging numbers. I went home, broke off the wedding and contacted Mystery Man. Thirteen years later, we are still happily married.” – Monique P.

I went “home” with a cast member from Entourage

“I happen to be a huge fan of the HBO show Entourage. When I was in Vegas celebrating my friend’s bachelorette party, we were in a club at the Palms dancing the night away. Over in the VIP section, I saw several members of the Entourage cast! Being the fan that I am, I stumbled over to introduce myself (their security guard totally saw me ‘dance’ my way past the rope, but turned a blind eye). They all chatted with me, and one — who shall remain nameless — invited me up to his hotel room. It was a night I will never forget.” – Paige S.

My mom was photographed riding an electronic bull

“My 59-year-old mother was getting married for the fourth time and wanted a bachelorette party. My two sisters and I obliged and took her to a bar where you can ride an electronic bull. She proceeded to participate in the activity, and was photographed by a local website that basically makes fun of people who are out getting drunk at the bars on weekends. Now her image is posted riding a bull, to the dismay of my new stepdad.” – Brandy L.

An unexpected stripper

“I was at a bachelorette party when the bride thought it would be fun to crash the guys’ bachelor party, which was happening at the same time. So we surprised the groom and his buddies at the seediest strip club in town. They were not happy. The groom was especially unimpressed when his bride got on the stage and started taking off her clothes. They were divorced after a couple of years.” – Sophie K.

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