Booty-toning tips from celeb trainers

Hollywood’s top trainers let us in on the secrets behind stars’ amazing assets.

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum, Jennifer Aniston, Megan Fox … are you seeing a trend? They all have fantastic backsides!

But how do Hollywood’s hottest leading ladies keep their bums tight and toned? We’re turning to the most sought-after trainers in the business for answers. Find out how they keep their clients ready for those unexpected paparazzi beach pics.

Andrea Orbeck

Andrea Orbeck

Known as the “Muscle Whisperer,” Andrea Orbeck is responsible for sculpting the enviously toned butts and thighs of some of the most famous supermodels in the world. Pssst, Heidi Klum is one of them! She knows women are especially concerned with this lower-body region and even created a band called the “Hipster” that she uses to target those troublesome areas.

Heidi’s favorite booty-toning moves:



Squats are undeniably one of the single most booty-toning exercises.

I recommend a hearty warm-up of quad and hip flexor stretches. Also, use a roller to open up the muscles and tendon pliability.

Start with your stance wider than shoulder-width apart, feet slightly turned out. To get the booty-toning benefits, I recommend a slow, controlled squat that explores some depth and uses enough weight to get some work done, 20 pounds minimum. For added challenge (and booty benefits), start your reps at 20 with lighter weight and try to add weight and reduce the reps as you go.



Basically the single-leg squat, you can devote each lunge to lifting and toning that tush. Use at least 5 pounds per hand and repeat each leg for a minimum of 15 reps each.


Booty ballet work.

We don’t have to convince you how tight and toned a ballerina’s booty is. First and second position plie squats and hip extensions with leg weights for 25 reps will bring significant change.



Lying on your side, ankles and knees stacked, lift the top leg for at least 25 reps. Use a band or ankle weight to really hit the glutes.


Reverse bridges.

Lie on your back with about an 8 pound hand weight across your hips. Knees bent, raise your butt off the mat for at least 50 reps!

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Mandy Ingber

Mandy Ingber

The phrase “hottie yoga body” wasn’t coined for nothing! The outstanding results Mandy Ingber gets from her highly specialized technique, Yogalosophy, are extremely apparent in A-list client Jennifer Aniston. Mandy is also an experienced cycling instructor. Her double-threat approach to booty-toning is exactly what you need to feel confident while doing downward dog.

Mandy’s top booty-toning tips:


Spin your butt off!

The benefits of spinning (indoor cycling) for the booty are second to none. The high repetition, with resistance and position both in and out of the saddle, give definition and height to your greatest asset. Spinning changes the ratio of stored fat to lean muscle mass. As you are building the muscle, you increase your body’s ability to burn fat, while toning your tush. Try 40 minutes three times a week and your spirits (among other things) will be lifted.


Incorporate toners into your yoga practice.

In my book Yogalosophy, I alternate toners like squats with yoga postures like chair. The toning power will sculpt your glutes after you exhaust the larger muscle groups with the longer hold of something like a chair. Squats, lunges and plies will give you a well-rounded view of your yoga pose and will actually allow you to hold your postures longer. Try alternating a 30-second pose with 8-16 reps of a toner.



Your metabolism goes up by 3 percent when you keep your hydration regulated. That means you will burn extra calories without increasing your workout schedule at all. Over time, this will reduce that extra layer and keep your skin supple and smooth.

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Harley Pasternak

Harley Pasternak

Harley Pasternak is one of the most well-known celebrity trainers in the biz, boasting clients like Megan Fox, Rihanna, Kanye West, Jessica Simpson and many more. With several books and even a video game, Harley’s mission is “to get real people Hollywood results.”

Harley’s favorite booty-toning exercises:



This exercise is a triple threat because it works your butt, core and lower back.

Begin on your stomach with legs and arms extended, hip-width apart. Proceed to lift alternating arm and leg, switching sides for 20 reps. Repeat for three sets.


Straight-leg deadlift.

This move will perk up your behind and the back of your legs.

Stand with feet hip-width apart holding a 15-20 pound barbell. Slowly lower the barbell toward your feet without bending your knees. Make sure your back is perfectly flat. Return to start and repeat for three sets 15 reps.


Skater lunge.

This exercise is a modified version of the tried-and-true lunge. With the skater, though, you’ll step your foot behind your body at a 45-degree angle. Simultaneously, lift the opposite arm out in front of your body. Repeat on each side for three sets of 10-15 reps.

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