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The best foods for…

The foods we put into our bodies can play a big role in our everyday lives. From “that time of the month” to sleep issues, we put together a guide of the best foods for every need.


Losing weight

Eating processed foods is a good way to gain weight. Luckily, adding whole foods such as kale and blueberries to your diet can reverse the curse and help you lose weight.



Following a fertility diet can help you conceive without fertility medications and treatments.

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Your heart

Did you know that heart disease is the number No. 1 killer of women? To improve our heart health and prevent this disease, try some of these delicious easy-to-eat foods that provide powerful heart benefits.


Better eyesight

Don’t wait until your vision goes south. Take a look at these foods that can improve your eyesight now.


Bedroom stamina

Sexual stamina is more than just “being in the mood.” By eating the right foods, you will be able to get in the zone and have more intense, passionate and longer-lasting sex.


Burning fat

Treat yourself to one of these pre-workout snacks and turn yourself into a fat-burning machine.


That time of the month

Find out which food do’s and don’ts can make your monthly cycle more manageable.


A libido boost

Start to feel frisky by eating these five delicious foods.


Boosting your mood

Dump the depressing fast food for these seven foods that will leave you happier than a Happy Meal.

Woman eating banana

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A better night’s sleep

Get those much-needed Z’s by eliminating foods that keep you awake and replacing them with healthy, sleep-inducing foods.


Fighting cancer

Fall fruits and veggies are more than just a Thanksgiving centerpiece. These superfoods are filled with cancer-fighting nutrients that could lower your risk of cancer.

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