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25 Topics to never bring up on a first date

Yes, it’s important to be yourself on a first date. But, it’s also a good idea to steer clear of a few controversial, gross or unintelligent topics of conversation. Here we list 25 topics not to bring up on a date.

Unhappy couple on date

Golf, or Tiger Woods

Golf is boring. Tiger Woods is a douche. You don’t want to be boring or douchey on a first date.



Resist the urge to ask him to take one with you and then post it on Facebook. It’s a first date, you’re not marrying the guy (well, not if you do this anyway).



I love cats as much as the next person (or more… much, much more). But that doesn’t mean it’s an acceptable topic of conversation.


Celebrity gossip

Save it for girls’ night out.


Beauty and fashion

He simply doesn’t care that you’re saving up for an Hermes bag or that you’re due for more highlights.



You just can’t win with this one. Either you’ll seem too promiscuous or too prudish. There’s no middle ground.



If you have an STD, now is not the time to bring it up (see #6), and if your dog is dying from pancreatitis, don’t be a Debbie Downer by mentioning it.


Drunken escapades

Even if you think it’s a hilarious story, it certainly won’t make him think you’re marriage material.


Therapy or rehab

While he may think you need rehab because you just told that drunken story that I told you not to, it’s probably best to keep mum regarding any type of therapy or rehab until you get to know him better.


Tragic current events

Womp, womp. Instead, bring up a safe and neutral news topic.


Enemies, or frenemies

Wait, you have (fr)enemies? Do you live in a Glee episode? Besides, badmouthing anyone won’t make you look like a classy lady.


Bodily functions

I don’t care if you’re a gastroenterologist — don’t go there on a first date.


LOL, BRB, totes, adorbs…

OK, I’m guilty of this, and it drives my husband up a wall. For the sake of first impressions, please don’t speak in abbreviations or acronyms.



I will punch you in the face if you say “hashtag” in verbal communication.


How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Mention this as your favorite movie and you’ll find out what it’s like to lose a guy in 10 seconds.


Jerry Sandusky

Shy away from creepy, dark subjects. Plus, his opinion might piss you off.


“Who are you texting?”

Uh-oh, he has a stage-five clinger on his hands.


The future

While you’re imagining what your future kids will look like, he’s deciding between a Stella or a Jack and Coke.


Your bad habits

We all have them. Should your relationship progress, he’ll see your bad habits in due time. Don’t rush it. Just as you don’t want to know that he pees in the shower.


Sister Wives

It really is a fascinating TV show. However, if he says he would love to have multiple wives, or says more than one wife would be a nightmare, he just can’t win this one.


Interview questions

Asking smart, relevant questions is always a good idea — everyone loves to talk about themselves. But don’t grill him about what he’s learned from his mistakes or where he sees himself in five years or he’ll feel like he’s being interrogated.


Whole Foods

You shop at Whole Foods? He’ll be afraid he can’t afford you.


How you want to improve yourself

Whether you tell him you want to lose weight, purchase a new wardrobe or grow out your hair, it will reek of insecurity.


Bad decisions

Telling him all of your life’s regrets or bad decisions is too much, too soon.


Belittling him

This isn’t so much a topic, as much as a behavior. Don’t belittle your date. If he orders sangria, don’t tease him for ordering a “girly drink” (really though, you should be worried).

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