This guy proposed to his girlfriend with a painting!

It’s no secret we love hearing about all the crazy, cute and creative ways guys propose to their girlfriends. That’s why when we found out a Boston couple recently got engaged at an event involving paint and booze, well, we knew we just had to learn more!

Alex proposes to Kelly at Paint Nite event

Read on to see how Alex managed to surprise his girlfriend, Kelly, with a gorgeous ring and a “Marry me” painting right under her nose!

For their three-year anniversary, Boston couple Kelly and Alex decided to forgo your typical fancy meal at a five-star restaurant. Instead, they bought vouchers for a nearby Paint Nite event from a daily deal site. Little did Kelly know her messy art adventure would turn into the evening she got a ring on her finger!

“I was looking into fun things to do in the area,” explains Kelly. “We’re big into Living Social and Groupon, and we came across the event on a coupon site. Alex knows I like to paint a lot. He’s not the best artist, but we knew it was something fun we could both do together.”

So what exactly is Paint Nite? Basically, it’s what it sounds like: a two-hour painting party held at local bars and restaurants around the city. A group of 25 to 30 people get together and learn how to recreate a painting from a local skilled artist, all the while sipping on cocktails. Sounds cool, right?

Kelly tells us they specifically chose this event because the painting was a beach scene. “We used to travel a lot to the Caribbean, Hawaii and anywhere there was a beach, so this painting was perfect for us.”

When they arrived at the event, Alex wanted to sit across from each other. This struck Kelly as strange though, and she quickly rejected the idea. “I could tell he was kind of nervous. He drank down a beer really fast and asked me if I wanted another glass of wine. He was also letting me help him out a lot with his painting, and he’s usually pretty independent. I could tell he wanted it to come out well.”

Toward the end of the event, Kelly got up to use the restroom. “I was the only one in the room with paint all the way up to my arms,” she says, laughing. “I went to the bathroom and knocked but someone was in there so I came back. He definitely didn’t expect me to come back that fast. He looked like a deer caught in headlights.” Then she saw the painting and what Alex had written on it: “Marry me.”

“He pulled out the ring and opened it and asked me to marry him. I started shaking and told him I really had to go wash my hands now!” Of course, she said yes!

Alex and Kelly currently have a wedding date nailed down for May 31 of next year. “A spring wedding is just what we envisioned for our big day surrounded by family and friends,” says Kelly. They’re all set to tie the knot in Burlington, Vermont, at the Burlington Country Club. We’re sure it will be even more memorable and romantic than their engagement!

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