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Should you split the cost of your engagement ring?

A diamond is forever — and it seems like the bill for it is, too. More women are taking on at least part of the burden by splitting the cost of their engagement rings.

Couple shopping for an engagement ring

Should you copy Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson when it comes to your relationships? More women are, at least when it comes to the engagement ring. Both Kardashian and Simpson were rumored to have paid for their rings, a practice that seems to be more popular as couples look to keep equality in their relationships.

According to a poll, 46 percent of women polled said they’d be willing to go dutch on an engagement ring, while the majority — 54 percent — said no. That’s an almost even split that seems to reflect society’s evolving view of marriage.

Many of the women who prefer to pay for part of the ring say it’s all about equality.

“I put money down on my ring. My fiancé and I have been together over 7 years now. We work together for what we want and need. We are a team,” bride-to-be Jessica Milhoan wrote on The Knot’s Facebook page.

Plus, many of today’s to-be-wedded couples are already splitting costs, and the ring is just another expense on the list.

“The tradition of the man buying the ring comes from a time when men and women did not cohabitate before marriage. If you already share everything, like most couples nowadays, there is no ‘he’s buying it,'” another woman wrote.

However, she doesn’t want to be part of the ring-buying process.

“He should choose the ring on his own. Even ‘splitting’ the cost sounds weird to me. You’re lucky if you even get a ring.”

Other women were steadfast in their support of the “traditional” practice of a man footing the bill for the whole ring.

“Nope. The surprise is part of the entire proposal experience,” Bianca Graves added, with other women echoing that it’s “tacky” to expect a woman to pay for part of her engagement ring.

Ultimately, the choice of whether or not to pony up the cash for your ring depends on your relationship. Just make sure you’re on the same page before the proposal — otherwise, you risk some real resentment before the marriage even starts.

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