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What your cocktail says about your dating personality

Grabbing a drink with that cutie you’ve been crushing on? Well that drink you pick may have an impact on how impressed he is with you. Prep for your date with these tips.

Woman having cocktail on date

I was rehashing a memorable encounter I had with a guy to my gal pals, when all of a sudden one detail prompted their disgust.

What detail was it?

My drink of choice: Strawberries and Champagne.

So? What’s the big deal? Apparently since I was grabbing a drink with someone I wasn’t interested in, this “seductive” drink choice was sending all kinds of suggestive signals. And let me tell you, all that was on my mind was that my drink was delicious and girly, whereas my friends yelled at me for allowing that guy to visualize feeding me strawberries and bathing me in Champagne.

Sure, their interpretation was a tad extreme, but it got me thinking — what do our drink choices signify to our dates? Does a beer mean we’re approachable, and wine mean we’re unattainable? Clearly, I was no expert. So I did some digging and this is what I found.

What’s the most important sign even before you order?

Knowing what you want. I have yet to find one guy that found decisiveness unappealing. This goes without saying in selecting a beverage, according to relationship mentor, Janice Christopher. Christopher says, when discussing with The Daily Meal, “More important than what you actually order, most telling is whether you know what you want.” She suggests this assertiveness will also be indicative of whether you know what you want in a guy as well.

What drinks signal you want to have an extraordinary (and possibly destructively good) time?

Hailing from Florida, George Attard has been a seasoned bartender for some 20+ years and reveals to one Broward Palm Beach blog that Long Island Iced Teas are the drinks of choice for those under 30 that want to get smashed. Martinis can mean two different things for ladies as well. According to Attard, the vodka-laden choices label you either as a “bada**” or simply “pretentious” but Christopher believes it means you have a good balance between seriousness and spontaneity. Fruity drinks generally mean you’re fun-loving, but also imply you’re immature, according to Christopher.

What drink dubs a woman “worship-worthy”?

Attard describes any woman that can order a Guinness with a shot of whiskey as worthy of such credit, for it’s not a drink for any alcohol newbie.

What drink gives your age away?

CollegeHumor published a pictoral directory of what your drink says about you. With them, and several other websites, it appears that “Vodka Cran” was the pick for the 20-something girls that don’t exude much creativity. I actually like cranberry juice, but I can see their point. As a contrast though, Christopher indicates that two-ingredient mixed drinks signal you’re easygoing at the same time, which can be considered very attractive. Another drink targeted in the humorous guide, was the famed “Vodka-Red Bull” which basically promotes you wanting to get the most trashed. Not a date-worthy drink if you ask me.

What drinks are the most controversial?

Surprisingly enough, they aren’t cocktails at all. Want to be a “sexbomb?” Order a scotch, says Maria Martensen of Cupid for Hire. Considered to make women appear “adventurous” you sure are set to impress with this drink in hand. On the other end of the spectrum, if you want to appear cheap and boring, go with the classic H2O, because you’ll be drowning alone without a date to save you after the night’s through. This advice comes straight from Irene LaCota of the website It’s Just Lunch.

How can you directly use your drink to flirt?

Fran Greene, former Flirting Director of and author of The Flirting Bible, hints at being interested in the other person’s drink — no, not by grabbing it and chugging it down — but by inquiring about it, and even asking to try it. It promotes interaction and shows your interest.

Want your date to last longer?

“I always recommend on first dates that people order a drink that will take a little bit longer to drink,” promotes LaCota. She makes note of the nervousness first dates bring, and the tendency for those involved to drink faster than normal. Getting a larger drink may allow for more time, and more possibilities.

How many cocktails before you clear your tab?

I would say as many as it takes to make your date attractive, but Patti Stanger of Millionaire Matchmaker has a two drink maximum, and that appears to be a favorite number of several dating websites. Keep it classy ladies — you want to be unforgettable for the right reasons, not for being a drunken slob.

And of course, the disclaimer

Readers, we all know we have to be sensitive to our environments. If you are at your local sports bar, ordering a white wine may make you seem like a diva. But risking ordering a dessert wine during your main course at an upscale restaurant may make you feel out of place, too (especially if your date knows his wines). Safe drinks may be best in those cases. Rick Ellis, of website Chaindate, says “If your date orders wine and you hate wine, don’t order wine just to impress them.”

Whether it’s a cocktail, wine, beer or a shot, it appears that what you order and how you order does have an impact, no matter how small.

Wine connoisseur? Show it off. Beer aficionado? Show it off. Cocktail lover? Get something edgy. This is what first date expert and relationship coach Laurel House suggests, because by utilizing any knowledge you do know about drinks on the date can signify that your date can learn from you. If you genuinely don’t have a preference, House mentions asking, “Is there a type of water that you’d prefer?” and taking his recommendation.

So what did we learn, readers? That this is just a guide and you shouldn’t think too hard. Rely on the appeal we all already know you’ve got.

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