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5 Things your body is dying to tell you

Maryann Jacobsen, MS RD

Every day your body works hard to pump blood, fight off disease and help you get things done in this frantic world. Imagine if your body could actually open up to you about how happy it is with what you are doing.

Tired woman in bed

If your body could talk, what do you think it would say? Here’s my take on what it might say to you.


I’m getting a major complex

Hey, I know there’s a lot of pressure to look a certain way, but all the negative talk really gets me down. I keep hearing how you hate your hips and stomach, all while I’m working my butt off in here. I’m getting a complex that I’ll never be good enough and that demotivates me to do my job.

Just like you, I want to be appreciated and nurtured. Send me a nice message every once and while. Let me know that I’m valued and that you like what I do. I only have what God gave me to work with, so you might as well embrace me.


I need fuel to do my job

I’m not sure what’s happening on some days, but I need regular fuel to keep going. When I send signs of hunger, that means I need real food. I prefer balanced meals with a good mixture of carbohydrates, protein and fat. When you skip meals, or go on one of those diets, I have to resort to those crazy hunger signals that make you eat out of control. And, just in case you pull that “not eating” thing again, I store more fat when you do that.

By the way, a salad usually isn’t enough to fill me up, but neither is the fried stuff that puts me to sleep in the afternoon. You can tell it’s good food by the amount of energy and staying power you feel.

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Move me

When you don’t move me, I get rusty at my job and a bit tired and cranky. I promise that regular movement and exercise will make you more productive and sharp. Remember, skipping exercise never results in getting more work done. The brain and I have deep conversations about it.


Please, please get enough sleep

When I send those tired signs early in the evening, I want you to listen. I need to rest to be in top working order. The brain, liver, kidneys and heart always lament to me about their long work hours. And without good sleep, I need to pay more in terms of calories (energy), which is one of the reasons you have all those cravings. I also fall asleep on the job, which is why you have to stay up to get things done. It’s a vicious cycle, so please make it stop!!


Forget your mind and listen to me

Your mind is completely overworked, which is why it is such a battlefield in there. It will tell you lies. For example, it will tell you that you don’t have time to eat well or that you should eat when you are bored or that you should stuff yourself because you had something bad.

Simply bypass the mind and listen to me. I will tell you when you are hungry and when you are getting full. If you have a sweet craving, have some; but I will show you when you are satisfied if you stay focused on me and the food. I crave mostly nutritious items, so if you put your trust in me, you won’t need willpower (the mind started that rumor).

When you give me the TLC I need, you will feel and look better and be full of life. I am not the enemy, but I am your greatest ally. Treat me well and it will change your life. I promise.

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