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Hot Halloween costume ideas for couples

Forget corny costumes with your significant other! This Halloween, turn up the heat in something a bit sexier. We’ve got a few ideas up our sleeve that won’t take much convincing at all on your part, if you know what we mean…


Anastasia Steele & Christian Grey

Anastasia Steele & Christian Grey costume idea

With the entire Twittersphere going absolutely bananas over the casting of the 2014 film, it’s safe to say that Fifty Shades of Grey is still a hot, hot topic!

His costume: Have your man channel his inner Christian Grey this Halloween in an impeccably tailored gray suit with a gray tie to match, of course. For props, he can carry any number of toys, including handcuffs and a leather riding crop. Hosting a party? Serve up bottles of Christian’s favorite Champagne, the 1999 Bollinger La Grande Annee Rose.
Her costume: Anastasia Steele’s costume can go one of many ways. If you’re feeling a little scandalous, adorn yourself in luxurious lingerie (there’s an actual Fifty Shades of Grey line, BTW!) with sky-high pumps and a sparkly silver mask. Or slip into a little red dress reminiscent of the “Red Room of Pain.” Not a brunette? Snatch up a brown wig to get into character.

Crystal Harris & Hugh Hefner

Crystal Harris & Hugh Hefner costume idea

What guy wouldn’t agree to a costume that involved pajamas and a Playboy Playmate as his wife? None we know! Crystal Harris and Hugh Hefner may not have made it down the aisle in 2011, but they did in fact tie the knot on New Year’s Eve of last year, so why not go as them?

His costume: No Hugh Hefner costume is complete without a red velour smoking jacket and black silk pajama pants! Add a pipe, and your man’s ready to roll.
Her costume: Transform yourself into a full-on Playboy Playmate (AKA Crystal Harris) for Halloween! All you need is a black corset top and matching booty shorts, plus a black bow tie, bunny ears and fishnets. Pair your costume with some platform heels and a blond wig, then go trick or treat.

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West costume idea

Kate Middleton and Prince William may be the most popular costume choice for couples this year, but we think Kim Kardashian and Kanye West would be a lot more fun (and sexier!) to dress up as for Halloween. This idea is especially awesome for new parents who want to take their tot trick-or-treating.

His costume: Whatever your guy wears, it had better be cutting edge! We suggest a pair of black skinny jeans styled with some fly kicks, a low-cut black tee and a leather jacket if he owns one. Have him accessorize with a few gold chains and dope sunglasses for night. Voilà, you’ve got a Kanye.
Her costume: Now that Kim basically has her pre-baby body back, we bet she’ll be accentuating her curves in body-hugging dresses again soon. So grab your tightest peplum or bandage dress, buy a long, dirty blond (yep, she’s a blond now) wig and if you don’t have much junk in the trunk, plump up your derriere with butt enhancing undies. Top off your costume with camera-ready makeup. Have sisters or friends with significant others? Ask them to go as Kourtney and Scott, Khloe and Lamar or Kris and Bruce!

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