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Date night ideas with a baby

Here is why it’s OK to bring your baby with you on date night and ideas for what to do.

Couple on date night at home

The importance of quality time

When you’re expecting, everyone will tell you how important it is to still have date nights after the baby arrives. First of all, finding a sitter you trust isn’t easy, and if you’re a working mom, you won’t want to hand your baby off to yet another caregiver come the weekend. So, what’s a parent to do? Take your baby with you on date night. Plus, if you continue this tradition, your child will grow up seeing his parents in a happy, healthy relationship.

Go where your baby will do best

The whole point of a date night is to reconnect with your significant other. You know your baby best. If he does well in a baby carrier or stroller, take him on a “walking date” so you and your partner can catch up on the day to day. If he does well in his car seat, go for a drive. Maybe he does well when he is stimulated. In that case, a dinner date is calling your name.

Don’t talk about the baby

If you only accomplish one thing while taking the baby with you on date night, it should be to not talk about the baby. Challenge yourselves not to do this. You talk about him and his needs all the time. Date night is about you as a couple. Reminisce about the time you met. Joke about your first kiss. Recall those amazing vacations you took before you got pregnant. Or talk about all of the memories you can make together and traditions you can start in the future as a family.

Sometimes when you live with someone for a long time, you kind of run out of things to talk about. Here are a few fun questions to get a fun discussion going.

  1. If you could have dinner with one person dead or alive, who would you choose?
  2. If you weren’t in your current profession, what would your dream job be?
  3. List three things you loved most about me when we met.
  4. If you could instill three values in our kids, what would they be?
  5. If you only had 24 hours to live, what would you do?
  6. What are five passions you’ve had in your lifetime?

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Date night ideas with a baby

  • Movie night in — Put Junior to bed, rent a movie, pour a glass of wine and get cozy.
  • Scenic drive — No matter the season, there’s always something pretty to see wherever you live.
  • Take a walk — Stroll the neighborhood, a park or the waterfront — it may even get Baby to sleep.
  • Enjoy dessert — You’re never too old for frozen yogurt.
  • Dine out — Sitting on a patio is always a good idea in case the baby starts to cry.
  • Cook together — Experiment in the kitchen with unique ingredients.
  • Hit the bookstore — It could be fun to browse a bookstore together and pick out a few good reads for one another.


I’d shy away from two things in general — the movies (worrying he will wake up and start crying will just cause anxiety) and the bar (hopefully, this needs no explanation).

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