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Why you shouldn’t be ashamed of online dating

Despite the number of online daters out there, many women are still ashamed of dating online and are even embarrassed to tell people they met their significant other online. Why is that? We have some expert insight into why you should own the fact you found love on the web.

Woman dating online

We asked Marni Kinrys, dating expert and founder of the Wing Girl Method, to share some reasons online dating rocks — so it’s OK to own it.


You can be whoever you want online

Online dating is just like moving to a new city, explains Kinrys. “You get a chance to re-invent yourself and put the you that you know you are out there in front of others,” she says. You don’t need to worry about trying to be someone you’re not to impress someone at a bar — you just need to focus on putting the real you online to connect with someone who has similar goals and interests.


Your social life will improve

Sitting at home won’t help you find a love match, or allow you to make the most out of life. Online dating can help. “I know a ton of super awesome, beautiful women who have reluctantly joined online dating but they have since realized what a boost it provides to their social lives,” says Kinrys. “Online dating lets you meet guys you would have never met in your day-to-day life, plus it gets you out of your house, mingling and using your social muscles.”


It doesn’t mean you’re desperate

What does it mean? It means you’re efficient, says Kinrys. “Ever heard of a little website called Amazon? The great thing about Amazon is that it’s a one-stop shop for everything you need. You never have to go anywhere else to find what you are looking for. Online dating sites are the Amazons of the dating world,” she explains. “Tons of men who are just your type are there waiting to be selected and purchased. You can’t get more efficient than that.”


Everyone is doing it

Maybe you’re hesitant to try online dating, maybe you do it but don’t tell anyone or maybe you even met your significant other online but tell them you met in a photography class. Either way, it’s time to stop feeling bad because everyone is doing it. Kinrys points to Statistic Brain, who has stated that “there are 54 million single people in the U.S. and over 40 million of them have tried online dating. Fifty-two percent of those 40 million are men.” Feel better now? A study in The Daily News has also stated that one-third of married couples in the U.S. met online, she notes. “If that’s not enough to get you running to Best Buy to get a computer, I don’t know what is.”


Practice makes perfect

Kinrys works with hundreds of thousands of men all over the world and she always advises them to get online for the sole purpose of getting more practice under their belt. “If you’re not dating online, chances are you’re not going on a lot of dates,” she notes. “But when you date online, you have the opportunity to be going out every night. Which means you have time to practice and perfect your dating skills.”

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