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How to keep your stamina in the sack

Are you a slacker in the sack? Build up your endurance and be a more active partner during sex.

Passionate couple making love

Is your low stamina putting a damper on your love life? Are you starting to wind down just as soon as things get going? Learn how to keep it going with these tips for building your stamina during sex.

Eat healthy

Ditch the junk food and focus on fruits, veggies, lean meats and whole grains. Healthy food will help give you the energy you need to get through your day — and to keep going at night.


Exercising regularly is a great way to keep in shape and boost your stamina, both in and out of bed. Start with a little bit of cardio a few times a week, and increase your time as you feel you’re able to. Don’t be surprised when that extra time on the gym floor translates to longer performances in bed. As an added bonus, regular workouts boost your self-confidence, body image, mood and sex drive. You can’t go wrong!

Avoid stress

Avoid stress? Yeah right! We know it’s hard to avoid stress completely, but do your best to keep it at a minimum. Learn to manage the stress you do have by finding activities that relax you. Take up yoga, go for walks or meditate — whatever works for you. Stress not only takes away your ability to get in the mood, but it sucks up all of your energy too. Even if you do muster up enough libido to do the deed, you won’t last long.


Alright, we understand that the point here is to not be sleeping when you go to bed at night, but trust us. You’re stamina is going to take a major hit if you’re dragging. Get a good night’s sleep tonight, and see what tomorrow night has in store for you!

Have sex!

Practice makes perfect, and that applies to sex as well. If you want to have more sex stamina, have more sex.

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