Signals you shouldn’t go home with him tonight

Sometimes it’s obvious that a man only wants a casual hookup. But other times, a man’s charm and way with words is enough to make any woman feel like she’s the only one for him.

Angry woman on a bad date

Let’s face it — dating is never as simple as meet guy, exchange numbers, meet up for a date and live happily ever after. Rather, it’s about rules, decoding body language and cutting through the bull, especially when it comes to first dates. Before you invest any emotions (or end up sleeping with him), it pays to be able to detect whether or not he’s really into you. So how do you know if he is the real deal, or if he is trying to sweet talk his way into bed with you? We’re revealing the top five telltale signs the guy you’re dating is a player.


He makes no eye

Body language, especially eye contact, is extremely important during a first date. Typically, eye contact implies you have the man’s attention and he is really listening to you. If you notice that your date seems distracted, is looking around the room or fiddling with other items, it may be time to ask for the check and leave.


He is texting or on the phone

Whether you are on a first date, second or even third, using the phone is never courteous. His attention should be on you, not the device in his hands. Unless he’s showing you something interesting, phones should be put away during dates. If he is constantly on his phone, don’t hesitate to cut the date short.


He talks over you the whole time

Being able to carry a conversation can make or break a relationship. You should both be able to listen and ask each other questions. If he cares about getting to know you and what you have to say, the conversation won’t be one-sided. But if he goes on and on about his looks, car, money or how good he is in bed, then he’s either trying way too hard or trying to get you in the sheets.


He can’t keep his hands off you

If he’s a player, chances are he will make his intentions pretty clear. Compliments are always welcomed, but being overly aggressive and touchy-feely can be a huge red flag. If all he does is touch you and tell you how bad he wants to see you naked, chances are that may be all he is interested in.


He makes you pay for your dinner

The subject of whether or not the guy should pay has long been debated. While many women don’t have a problem picking up the bill, a general rule of thumb is that the guy should pay for at least the first few dates. If he doesn’t, chances are he either has no manners or isn’t that into you.

Extra tip

Maybe the date went well and the guy wasn’t a womanizer or complete tool. If you have hopes of a second or even third date, follow these helpful tips to leave a lasting impression on your date:

  • Go with the flow and don’t plan your future together.
  • Be confident and don’t be afraid to flirt.
  • Don’t share too much personal information (i.e. period, family matters, etc.).
  • Have an opinion.
  • Don’t become obsessive and clingy.
  • Be respectful.

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