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Celeb diets that can work for you

The weight-loss market is saturated with empty promises and “miracle” cures to losing weight. But as any good dietitian or health nut knows it’s all about what foods you put in your body and how much energy you exert.

Brooke Burke

Some diets cut past the hype and can offer actual weight-loss results, and they’re usually the ones followed by celebrities. These mainstream diets are more than just fads. They can really help you shed the pounds.

A Mediterranean diet

Studies have shown that people who eat a Mediterranean diet, or a diet packed with fatty nuts, fish and fresh veggies, have been shown to have healthy hearts. Celebs like Brooke Burke, Rachael Ray and more attribute their fat loss to eating in moderation according to these principals. Remember, this isn’t an “eat as much as you’d like, as long as it’s these kinds of foods” diet. It’s still about calories in and calories out when it comes down to it. But this way, you’ll be doing it the heart healthy way!

A ketogenic diet

American diets are saturated with refined carbohydrates that our bodies process as sugar, which eventually leads to fat gain. A ketogenic diet, more commonly known as a low-carb diet, cuts carbohydrate intake dramatically. If you’re a meat lover, this is your dream diet. Proteins like meat, eggs and cheese are abundant, while you can still occasionally indulge in sweet fruit treats like watermelon — but not in the initial phase of this plan. You can use a calorie tracking app like MyFitnessPal to track your carbohydrate intake throughout the day to make sure you don’t accidentally binge on a carb-heavy food.

The Fast Metabolism Diet

So you’re telling us we get to eat more often and lose weight?! Sign us up. The word “diet” carries a heavy connotation, but this isn’t a crash diet like those you’ve tried in the past. This is a clinically proven method of eating that can not only help you shed pounds, but live a healthier lifestyle overall — way better than starving yourself thin.

On the Fast Metabolism Diet, dieters eat three full meals and two snacks a day. That way, you constantly stay full. If calorie or fat counting isn’t your thing, this is the diet for you. Instead, the idea is to rotate when and what you eat in three different phases to put your metabolism into overdrive. The FMD focuses on eating real food and cutting out fad diet nonsense like packaged meals and diet bars.

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