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5 Free doctor visit printables for kids

Doctor visits are never much fun — for moms or kids. These free Doc McStuffins printables help you add some fun to the trip.

Free Doc McStuffins printables
Free printables

Make doctor visits fun!

Doctor visits are never much fun — for moms or kids. These free Doc McStuffins printables help you add some fun to the trip.

Kids learn from an early age that doctor visits are not always fun. We try to explain that those visits are an important part of being healthy, but info like that tends to go right over their heads.

That’s where Doc McStuffins on Disney Junior comes in. This little girl is a doctor for toys, and she explains the importance of our real-life doctor friends in each episode as she takes care of her cuddly patients. With songs and fun stories, she shares the importance of being healthy and the role doctors play in a way that really hits home for little ones.

These five free printables help you take Doc out of the TV and into your world. Print them out to help make doctor appointments fun and to encourage your children to make healthy choices every day.


“Big Book of Boo Boos” activity booklet

"Big Book of Boo Boos" activity booklet printable

Download it now >>

If you’ve seen the show, you know that Doc’s Big Book of Boo Boos is a big deal. Nurse Hallie the Hippo uses it to record the problem and diagnosis of each patient Doc treats, so this sparkly purple book makes an appearance in each episode. Print this out and bind it together so your kids can have a book of their own. It contains a cover page that looks a lot like the cover of Doc’s own book, a list of ways to stay healthy, lyrics to songs about health, games and a certificate of achievement for when the book is complete.


Height chart

Height chart printable

Download it now >>

It’s fun for kids to track how much they’re growing. Print out this Doc McStuffins–themed growth chart, and then you or your kids can cut it out and paste it together. Hang it on a wall or the fridge and use it to track just how big your kids are getting!


Parents and Caregivers sheet with checkup checklist

Parents and Caregivers sheet with check-up list printable |

Download it now >>

In the weeks leading up to your child’s annual visit, your brain is full of questions to ask the doctor. Unfortunately, many of those questions tend to fly out the window the second the doctor steps into the room. Print out this list of important questions so you’ll remember what you need to discuss at each doctor visit. Make sure your child brings along the checkup checklist — he’ll have a blast checking off each item as the doctor examines him, making the checkup more like a game!


Place mat

Place mat printable

Download it now >>

If kids had their way, every meal would be full of carbs and sweets, with no room for veggies or fruit. Use this bright and fun place mat printable to show kids the importance of portions, as well as just how much food from each food group they should be getting at each meal.



Stethoscope printable

Download it now >>

Doc’s stethoscope is truly magical. In fact, it’s the stethoscope that brings her cuddly toys to life each time she puts it on. Make your kids a “magical” stethoscope of their own by printing this out, cutting along the lines and pasting it back together.

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