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Freaky furniture

When a bed just starts to get boring…

As Fifty Shades of Grey is sweeping the nation, sexually charged couples are desperately trying to find new and creative ways of doing the deed. Let LovingYou help!

Floating Bed

The Floating Bed looks like a flat-bottomed Papasan chair that hangs from the ceiling in elegant or casual bedrooms, or on a tripod in a lushly-landscaped courtyard by the pool. When you climb inside, you’re rocked gently in a pendulum motion. Best part? You literally cannot fall out of it! Think of all the creative sex positions you can come up with!


A Blandito is basically a sofa with no legs, no arms and no back. It’s kind of like a big pillow, but not. It can be folded, wrapped and twisted in any way you’d like. The fuzzy mattress features a flexible frame, so there’s absolutely nothing to cause you discomfort and is yet another awesome tool for finding new and interesting sex positions. Also, couples don’t have to worry about it being “dirty” since the outside part is completely machine washable. Score! The Blandito has already run out of their first round of sales, so now they’re working on mass production. If you’re interested in ordering one, email: Enjoy!

Liberator Wedge

The Liberator Wedge claims to offer the proper leverage for deeper penetration and G-spot action. Their patented sex cushion features a 27-degree angle to amplify oral and ease anal, while intensifying every single sensation.

Therapedic International's odor eliminating mattress pad

When all is said and done, you might want to invest in a Therapedic International’s odor eliminating mattress pad, which captures and actually eliminates odors instead of just making them, keeping the bedroom clean and fresh. By using a specialized fabric treatment and patented technology, the waterproof, odor-eliminating, anti-bacterial and stain-repelling mattress pad is an awesomely practical item for the bedroom.

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