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Top 10 Movie sex scenes

Movies are powerful and touch all of our emotions. If you want to set the mood for a sensual interlude with your love (or just enjoy a good romantic film), we recommend one of these top 10 movie sex scenes as chosen by LovingYou’s members.

couple watching movie on couch

1. Dirty Dancing – Their first time together.

It may seem juvenile, but in “Dirty Dancing” when Baby and Johnny were dancing, it was so sensual… she had been so insecure until then and he could not believe this good person honestly wanted him! It was so beautifully portrayed.
2. Titanic – The car scene.
Where Jack draws rose on Titanic, and then they make love in the car and steam up the windows (very passionate).
–Kittie Vang
3. Top Gun – “Take My Breath Away” scene.
The kissing/sex scene from Top Gun. I loved the way they were kissing so erotically before hand.
4. 9 1/2 Weeks – The food scene.
The scene from “9 1/2 Weeks” when Kim Basinger does a strip tease for Mickey Rourke to Joe Cocker’s “Leave Your Hat On.” Basinger’s chararacter was so naive and lacked self assurety until Mickey Rourke’s character started to open her up to a broad sprectrum of sexual pleasures. The dance was something she never would have thought of doing before him.
–Double L

5. Ghost – The pottery scene.
My favorite scene will always be in the movie, Ghost, where Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore are making the pottery together… mmmm just plain sexy.

6. Cruel Intentions – Annette and Sebastion’s first time together.
I’m sure the actors and actresses involved in the scenes may well have affected my choice, but I think the main reason I like them is because of the intensity of the emotions poured out into the scene by the release of tension from the forbidden love in the former picture, and the teenage passion in the latter. That to me is what sex is about- an outpouring of emotion- and what movies miss out on my trivialising the scenes into gratitiousness.

7. Meet Joe Black – Their first time together.
The most beautiful love scene, that touched my heart in such a way would have to be the “making love” scene in Meet Joe Black..If you have seen the movie, you should know what I’m speakin of, she experiences the process as though it was her first, and it is death’s (Joe) first time.
Meet Joe Black with Brad Pitt! His love scene is incredible. You can see, feel and taste his passion from the expressions on his face. Incredible. If you’re going to be home alone, or with someone you love tonight… this is a must see!
8. Pretty Woman – Kissing on the mouth scene.
Pretty woman, when Julia Roberts had that long lingerie gown on. She walked out of the bathroom and approached Richard Gere, who finally fell asleep. She leans over to kiss him ever so slowly and accidentally wakes him up and they kiss so passionately and make love.
9. City Of Angels – Their first time together.
My favorite love scene is from City of Angels when Seth and Maggie make love in the cabin. Their rapid fall into love is really romantic, combined with the scenery of the cabin and the firelight.
10. Braveheart – The wedding night.
I love the wedding night scene in Braveheart. Both of them are so nervous and intense, it makes me want to go make love in the forest in Scotland.

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