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Ways to be kissed

What is in a kiss that makes an experience range from something simply divine to something drooling and dreaded?

How do you like to be kissed?

Perhaps it’s the boldness of being so close to someone. Or, upon closing your eyes feeling a million little tingles across your lips when they are brushed by another pair. Whatever it is, a kiss is the beginning and the end of most intimate encounters. Knowing how to kiss and doing it extremely well is therefore immensely important. To help make sure you’re doing it right we asked you to tell us your favorite ways to be kissed. Here are a few of your responses!

“I like him to look in my eyes and then kiss my lips very softly. Then kiss my nose, my forehead, each check, then kiss my mouth again. I like it when he puts his fingers in my hair and pulls me close for an intimate passionate kiss.” -Lisa

“I like him to grab me, and be really kissed, unexpectedly!” -Krysta Coughran

“Long and hard!” -Crystal

“Soft and easy at first, just to get the passion flowing. Then, take it from there.” -Carol

“Very tenderly, preferably somewhere romantic like under the moonlight.” -Brokenlove2

“I like to be kissed very slow and deep, exploring and finding his tongue with mine. I also like to nibble on the bottom lip, and to have mine nibbled on too — big turn on!” -Cynthia

“Long, slow and deeply!” -Candi

“Unexpectedly, depending on the situation… either slow and romantic, or wild and passionate.” -Wendy

“Gently, yet passionately.” -JJ

“I like to be kissed softly, sweet and sometimes long.” -Miranda

“I like my man to pull me in by the front waist of my pants as he brushes his hand along my cheek. Then he has to slowly and gently press his lips to mine, and part them slowly with his tongue. Then grab the back of my head and push my face into his and kiss me really hard.” -Jen Kean

“I liked to be kissed gently, starting from my lips working his way on down and then back up.” -Felicia

“I like to be kissed on the forehead. It makes me feel comforted and cared about.” -Amazed Angel

“On the neck, slowly and softly. I do not tongue kiss at all.” -Alisha

“I totally fall into a mindless daze when a man caresses my face and neck as he kisses me tenderly on the lips, and slowly lets his lips run across my lips and into my mouth, ending in a passionate smooch!” -Melanie

“I love it when my boyfriend strokes his hands through my hair and softly and sweetly kisses me slowly all over my face and neck, while taking short breaks to gaze into my eyes.” -Ann

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