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Smartphone apps to track your child’s yearly checkups

Keep track of your children’s annual checkups, developmental milestones, vaccine schedules and much more with these helpful apps for your smartphone.

iPhone apps

Best apps for kids’ health and wellness

Keep track of your children’s annual checkups, developmental milestones, vaccine schedules and much more with these helpful apps for your smartphone.

Kid Measure app


This iPhone app can be used to track your child’s growth and compare it to the official charts of the World Health Organization. You can input the results from your child’s annual checkup to reference charts on height, weight and BMI. You can also use your smartphone’s camera and the KidsMeasure app to measure and track your child’s height and growth throughout the year.

Price: $1.99

Vaccines app


This iPhone app is a terrific resource for doctors, nurses and parents. With the Vaccines app, you can get access to immunization schedules recommended by the CDC. You simply enter your child’s age to view a full vaccine schedule or a catch-up immunization schedule for kids whose vaccines have been delayed. The app gives you a range of recommended ages for vaccines, as well as information on certain high-risk groups.

Price: $4.99

Child Development Logbook

Child Development Logbook

This smartphone app can be used to document and organize any event in your child’s life. The Child Development Logbook app features a photo album, notes and other details to track everything from doctor’s visits to developmental milestones. Along with the description of the event, the child’s height, weight and head circumference are noted and then plotted against standard CDC charts.

Price: $2.99

My Routine app


If your child fears those yearly checkups, you can ease anxiety about what’s coming next by using this free iPad app. You can use MyRoutine to create storyboards using photos, videos, voice-overs and more. The app features a photo gallery of kids going through a routine check-up at the doctor’s office. Using these photos (or creating a storyboard about visiting the doctor) may help make your child’s next checkup go much more smoothly.

Price: Free

Parenting Ages & Stages app

Parenting Ages & Stages

This app from Parenting magazine is available for iPhone and Android phones. It features guides for parents of newborns through teens. Parenting Ages & Stages can be used in conjunction with annual checkups to get targeted information about your child’s development and milestones. It provides tips, news and other information including product recalls.

Price: Free

Calendar Event Reminder

Calendar Event Reminder

Keeping track of appointments for the pediatrician, dentist and other specialists can be a chore for parents of multiple kids. Use your smartphone to remind you of all your upcoming appointments. You can find a number of fantastic appointment reminder apps. However, our favorite is the simple Calendar Event Reminder app for android. This app can be used for everything from business meetings to doctors’ appointments, and works with every synched calendar.

Price: $2.79

Quick Tip

Ask your pediatrician for app recommendations. Often doctors use apps (which are available to parents too) to stay up-to-date on research, medications and more.

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