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Unique housewarming gifts for your guy

Don’t be the girl who walks over the threshold of your beau’s new apartment with a plant or a membership card to Costco as a new gift.

Boyfriend getting housewarming gift

Check out some of these unique options and get him something different — something he’ll enjoy!

Aframe speaker frame


Choose from a very wide variety of artwork or submit your own to create a framed picture that essentially hides a speaker system! This idea is so great that I’m almost surprised it’s not on Shark Tank! Connect your Bluetooth-enabled computer, iPad/tablet or smartphone and enjoy sound coming out of your aFrame.

Ihome boombox


You know men and their gadgets. They accessorize their iPhones, TVs, etc. more thoroughly than we do our own outfits. Another great talking piece for the apartment is the iHome iP4 Portable FM Stereo Boombox. I mean, how cool does this thing look?

Madmen cookbook


Now that he’s living on his own, your man is going to have to come up with some clever ways to entertain his house guests. Recipes for both food and drinks are essential! The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook is a great option if your man is a fan of the show or loves retro style. The cookbook offers over 70 authentic recipes from the kitchens, restaurants and bars as seen on the show. How cool is that? And if your beau is more of a sports guy, who probably wants to whip up something quick and easy before a big game, check out Party Dips by Sally Simpson and Fan Fare by Debbie Moose. These authors specialize in speedy, inexpensive-yet-stylish party food great for any occasion not just when a game is on!

eco art wine caddy


This online store features awesome gifts from recycled, reused and natural materials from 33 different designers. These innovative products are definitely going to be the topic of conversation for his housewarming party, so he’ll always have you in mind as the gifter! Favorite picks: Wine Taster Bottle Caddy, Bicyclist Bottle Caddy, Salt and Pepper Holders and Major League Baseball Bar Stool.

Loaded question for adults


Sure, there’ll be nights where you come over to cook dinner and snuggle on the couch, but there will be other times where you want to have some fun especially when it’s sexual in nature. Game nights are a great way to ignite friendly competition that can turn into a wild night in the bedroom. Check out Adult Loaded Questions, a game by All Things Equal. The game tests players on how well they know each other with over 300 questions!

weight tracking scale

Bathroom Scale

If a man ever gave this as a gift to a woman, I’m pretty sure it would not be well-received. But for a man who can be found at the gym, going for a jog and genuinely trying to live a healthy lifestyle, it’s not a bad gift at all. The EatSmart Precision Get Fit Digital Body Fat Scale (say that three times fast) is used to monitor and analyze body composition in real time.

Bespoke bloak stationary


Yup, if he’s living on his own now, chances are he’ll have to send a thank you card or two after the housewarming party. Effie’s Paper has quite the selection of stationery that turns this seemingly ‘female’ gift into a ‘manly’ option. Check out their Bespoke Bloke collection for a range of ideas.

house plant

A plant?

Starting out with this article, I said that no one should have to take care of a plant… but what do I know? Robert Bornstein, a horticulture therapist, says that giving the gift of plants is a lasting and thoughtful option. “A group of plants in the house cleans toxins from the air.” It might not be a bad idea, ladies. After all, if he’s good at nurturing the plant, surely he’ll be good at nurturing you!

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