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Amp up the romance: Make it a Valentine’s Day wedding

Getting hitched on Valentine’s Day is all about fun and spontaneity. If you’re looking to get married, it could be ideal, simply because there are some wedding options that are only available on that one day of the year.

Bride and groom with heart balloons

The ultimate wedding

On love’s holiday, every couple finds their comfort zone for romance, starting with “Hey babe, happy Valentine’s Day,” and working up to dinner in a restaurant where you don’t wear jeans. Then you’ve got those couples that go hard for Cupid, jet setting to romantic getaways and showering the object of their affection with expensive jewelry. (Yeah… us neither.)

The pros

Many would say that marriage is the ultimate expression of love, so how about including Cupid in the fun with a Valentine’s Day wedding? If the whole dog-and pony-show of the modern wedding isn’t really your cup of tea, this could actually be a great idea. There are some intriguing options that take the hassle and guesswork out of wedding planning, and they are only available on Valentine’s Day. It’s quite a bit more festive than a trip to the justice of the peace and a lot easier on the wallet than a traditional wedding. From this day forward, you will never have an excuse to forget your anniversary.

A walk in the park

Vulcan Park in Birmingham, Alabama is home to a massive 50 ton cast iron statue that is the largest in the world. Once a year on Valentine’s Day, they host a wedding event with packages that are a fraction of what they would cost at any other time of the year. It includes a Champagne toast and light hors d’oeuvres for the couple and their guests, plus a wedding cake and swag bag.

Make it an event

For the past five years, the Atlantic City Convention has hosted a Valentine’s Day wedding event which takes place in historic Boardwalk Hall. Each couple can invite a limited number of guests. Afterwards, you can celebrate on the beach or have some fun at the casinos.

The sky is the limit

Every year, the Empire State Building hosts a contest for couples to wed on top of The Big Apple’s famous landmark. Last year, Colin Cowie planned a lavish affair for the lucky couples as only he can. Couples submit their videos to tell the judges why they should be chosen, and then the public votes for their favorites on Facebook.

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