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Heart-pumping date ideas for the thrill-seeking couple

Tired of the same old dinner and a movie for Valentine’s Day? Spice things up and get your heart pumping this year with one of these extreme dates. If you’re a couple who loves daring and thrilling adventures, then these date ideas are for you. Even if you’re not, take your love out of the box!

Couple on rafting date


Splash around

Go white water rafting, canoeing or kayaking together. It’s a fun way to work out while having a great time in the wild.


Reach new heights

Go on a helicopter ride over an area that means something to the two of you — like your hometown or the place you met.


Be amusing

Rent an amusement park for the day or evening for just the two of you. This may cost you a lot, but the memories will last a lifetime.


Hot romance

Go on a hot air balloon ride with strawberries and Champagne. This will be a romantic gesture neither of you will ever forget.


Be a daredevil

Go cliff jumping or bungee jumping together. This will bring you closer knowing that you can overcome anything as a team.


Go country

Go camping under the stars with your honey, and then watch the sun rise together in the morning. Getting away from life’s stresses will be great for you both.


Step into high-gear

Rent a fancy car for the day and drive around like it is yours. At the end of the day, all you will really need is your other half.


Get sneaky

Crash a Valentine’s Day wedding. This is daring and fun — plus at a bigger wedding, no one will question you.


Live it up

Tour a house you would love to be able to afford one day together. This will help you both communicate your goals for the future and get you excited about what may come.


Get creative

Create a scavenger hunt that leads your other half to places that are special to your relationship. This will have you both reminiscing all night together.


Horse around

Go horseback riding in the mountains — let yourselves enjoy nature without having to do the heavy lifting and hard labor.


Reach the top

Climb a mountain. This is a great way to get your hearts pumping together. When you reach the top, have an intimate picnic planned.

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