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Unique Valentine’s Day gifts

Getting flowers and chocolates for Valentine’s Day is as played out as Justin Bieber on Spotify. Check out some of these creative options for your love!

Beauty spoon

Beauty Spoon

Simply put, this cosmetic tool serves as an easy solution to retrieve every ounce of liquid and cream found at the bottom of bottles and containers. If you’re paying $50+ for your foundation, it’d be awesome to get every penny’s worth! The Beauty Spoon is definitely a must-have item in any woman’s makeup drawer.

Pillow talk pillow

Pillow Talk

It’s the naughty little pillow no one will ever know you have! This unique pillow is designed to discreetly store your sex toys, lube, whips, chains and any other private items you don’t want anyone to find. The soft cotton pillowcase is easy to wash and comes in a bright white with a variety of colored trims.

lauren and lola necklace

Lauren and Lola

Any of these items top my obsession list. The mother and daughter team have a line of personalized jewelry, iPhone, iPad and other tablet cases, as well as luxury cosmetic and travel cases. You’ve definitely seen these pieces on other women and thought, “Oh wow! I love that — I need to get one just like it!” Their monogrammed necklaces are available in gold, silver and 23 acrylic colors with elaborate lettering that offers an awesome update to the traditional nameplate necklaces. Carrie Bradshaw? You’re sooooo 10 years ago!

wine cabinet

Tresanti Thermoelectric Wine Cabinets

Why do your delicious, and often times expensive, bottles of wine have to compete for space with the orange juice and milk? Tresanti uses dual temperature zones to keep your wines at just the right temperature. Unlike other wine fridges, it does not have a compressor to shake up the sediment and ruin the flavor and it uses LED lights to protect the chemical and organic balance. Plus, they come in a wide variety of cabinet styles and sizes to fit into various décors. Pretty great, right? Here are two of my favorite models. One and two.

aspca tote


Yes, that’s right — ASPCA. Their online store features a ton of fun products and 40 percent off any item sold goes right back to helping our furry friends! So this Valentine’s Day, check out some of these jewelry items, tote bags or teddy bears!

Tele hd box


This gadget is a Skype-compatible HDTV calling box. Whenever you and your love are far away, simply attach the device to your HDTV and in a matter of moments, you’ll be making Skype calls to them, looking at their beautiful face in HD… and on a large screen, too! TelyHD has other cool features, like web browsing, AirPlay and more!

what i love about you

Fill in the book

What I Love About You is a gift that will last a lifetime. Spend time with your lover and fill out this guided journal that celebrates love and offers a fresh way for you both to say why you love each other. The fill-in-the-blanks have you write what you can’t always put into the spoken word.

sprout eco watch

Sprout Watches

Everyone knows that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, right? For the uber-Earthy woman (or man!) in your life, check out Sprout watches. These timeless and built-to-last pieces are made from sustainable materials such as conflict-free diamonds, organic cotton, corn resin and bamboo.

Skinny Fatty tie tailor

Skinny Fatties

This Brooklyn-based company takes your man’s fat ties and turns them into skinny ones. Um, how genius? So go grab something old from his closet and turn it into something new, or grab him a gift certificate. Visit Skinny Fatties for more information.

CVS photo lab


Yea, that’s right — CVS. Check out their online gift guides, or head on into the store to work with the photo department. Choose from a variety of gifts like digital albums and photo blankets. In a world where digital photos go up on Facebook, never to be physically touched, giving the gift of a photo is priceless!

elephant trunk mailbox


This has to be the greatest invention of all time. This freestanding piece that comes in white, black or red makes sure your parcel deliveries are kept safe and sound when you’re not home. Elephantrunk is made of die cast aluminum that is curved at the top to help prevent water leakage. Its large compartment can receive multiple packages — and it has a locking device to keep it on the ground so no one can steal it! This is the best addition to your home, and it looks pretty, too. So if you’re looking for an “outside the box” present, think about Elephantrunk, the “let me help you protect your box” gift!

Baobab superfruit chews


Say what? Yes, powbab. This superfood antioxidant supplement boosts immunity and energy. For your ultra-traveling partner, powbab is a great natural alternative to Airborne and Emergen-C that’s made from raw, unprocessed superfruit, baobab from Africa, pomegranates and acai berry. Made in a soft chew form, they carry 100 percent of our antioxidant needs. The best part, for me anyway, is that powbab is fair trade, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, nut-free, and uses no egg products. So if you want your better half to always feel better, powbab sounds like the gift for you.

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