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Our ultimate Valentine’s Day playlist

What message do you want to send this Valentine’s Day? Whether your relationship is a week old, going on for years or still somewhat muddy, there’s a song that fits it!

Passionate couple on valentines day

Here are some of our favorite tunes to get “in the mood” on the big day. Feel free to share your own!


“Love Will Tear Us Apart”

Joy Division

Love will tear us apart Joy Division

Is there anything sexier than desperate self-loathing?



The Cure

Lovesong The Cure

We will always love you, too.



Natasha Bedingfield

Single Natasha Bedingfield

Is there a better song for declaring you are single and thrilled about it?


“Digital Love”

Daft Punk

Daft punk digital love

Love is forever. (Even for robots!)


“Are You Gonna be My Girl?” Jet

Jet are you gonna be my girl

Well, are you?


“Bizarre Love Triangle”

New Order

New Order Bizarre love triangle

Because love is so awesome, it’s even great in multiples.


“This Must Be the Place ” Talking Heads

This Must Be the Place Talking Heads

“Love me ’til my heart stops, love me ’til I’m dead.” Yeah, that is rather creepy, but we like it.


“Just Friends”

Amy Winehouse

Just Friends Amy Winehouse

Because some of us will ONLY have the booty call to look forward to this season. And that’s OK.


“No One’s Gonna Love You”

Band of Horses

No One's Gonna Love You Band of Horses

For those who can’t quite let go of love lost.



Death Cab for Cutie

Transatlanticism Death Cab for Cutie

The classic for long-distance longing.

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