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Is your beau lying?

Are you worried that your significant other is not where they say they are? Do you need some help figuring out if they’re lying? Then be sure to read this!

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Of course there are those “simple” ways of finding out where your man is by ways of technology. You can follow him on FourSquare, check his Facebook or straight up have your spies out there (stalkkkkkerrrrr). But what if all of the above aren’t options and you just have to go with your gut?

Here are some helpful signs that he’s just not where he says he is!

  1. He doesn’t answer the phone when you call.
  2. He doesn’t respond to your text messages.
  3. He hasn’t called you back yet.
  4. When you’re finally face-to-face and you ask him where he’s been, he doesn’t make eye contact with you.
  5. He hasn’t updated his Facebook/Twitter in a while — and he’s normally always doing that.
  6. His after-the-fact excuse is “Sorry, my phone died!”
  7. His after-the-fact excuse is “What text?! I never got a text from you!”
  8. His friends call YOU to find out if you’ve seen or heard from him.
  9. The phone and credit card bills tell a different story.
  10. You always catch him in lies. Meaning, if you already have no reason to trust him, you have no reason now!

You’re old enough to realize that a relationship is built on trust and honesty. Unless you have reason to believe that he’s not telling you where he says he is because he’s out buying you some BLING, then go with your gut. You should never be in a relationship where there’s even a THOUGHT of infidelity.

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