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How to interpret man-speak

The saying “actions speak louder than words” is definitely the truth. Sometimes a man is not only as good as his word. Need to decipher what your man means when he says what he says? Here’s some help:

Woman and man

What he says: “I always pick what we do on our dates. It’s your turn.”

What he means: I’m tired of always making the decisions for us. I really need you to contribute to this relationship a bit more.

What he says: “I’m really tired and work was really stressful. I just want to relax on the couch.”

What he means: Please don’t make me talk too much right now. I really just want to relax and watch TV.

What he says: “How long did your last relationship last?”

What he means: I’m trying to figure out if you’re looking for a casual fling or if you’re interested in something more long term.

What he says: “I don’t really like to play games… and I hope you don’t either.”

What he means: I am really capable of breaking your heart… but I just am not “that guy” anymore. I’m looking for something more serious for a change.

What he says: “My ex-girlfriend is really stalker-crazy.”

What he means: I really, really messed up in my last relationship and hurt her real bad. She’s not over it.

What he says: “I told my parents about you. They really want to meet you.”

What he means: I am really, really into you. I hope you realize we’re in a serious relationship.

What he says: “My friends all really love you!”

What he means: I am proud to be your man.

What he says: “Babe, can we please talk about this later?”

What he means: Babe, can we never talk about this again, please?

What he says: “OK. I get it. You’re right.”

What he means: I might not think you’re right, but I really want to stop talking about this already.

What he says: “I’m going out with the boys tonight.”

What he means: I’m not sure if you’re going to freak out, but I just need a night with my friends for a change.

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