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20 Romantic gestures for your beau

Try out one of these romantic gestures to make him swoon. After all, women have to show off their soft side once in a while, too.

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20 romantic gestures for your beau

Try out one of these romantic gestures to make him swoon.

You know your man is in the best of moods when he’s feeling all warm and toasty inside, due in part to your actions or words. Try one of these 25 romantic gestures to get a reaction out of him. Some will evoke romance, while others will definitely lead to sex. Have any go-to ones that you want to add? Leave it as a tip in the comments section! Let’s collaborate ladies… what makes your man swoon?

Woman giving man massage


Impromptu massage

When he’s least expecting it, perhaps while he’s watching the game, sneak up behind him and begin to rub his shoulders.


Interlock fingers

Whether you’re having a lighthearted conversation recapping your days or a serious one that requires some more attention, interlock your fingers and feel the connection you guys share.


Run your hands through his hair

Whether it’s the hair on his head or the hair on his chest, rubbing your hands through will stimulate every cell in his body.


Write a poem

Get your Dr. Seuss skills in order and surprise him with an original poem.


Or, if you’re a professional…

Perform a slam poetry piece as if you’re on stage.

Woman writing sexy love note


Write a note

Remind him of middle school with a fun little note strategically placed in his packed lunch, by his toothbrush or in his car.


Let him have a guys’ night

Surprised that’s on the list? Trust me, he’ll think it’s romantic.


Surprise him with a BJ

Look, I’m not going to sugar coat this one. Blunt. Honest. Romantic.


Help him with his clothes

I don’t mean laundry. Help him get dressed in the morning — tie his tie, put on his socks and shoes, button up his shirt. Help him get undressed at night!


Cook him a meal

How many times have you heard the expression, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach?”

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