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Fall into sex this season

With the new season comes new sex(y) fun!

Couple kissing in Fall

While everyone is out getting their pumpkin spiced lattes this autumn, reach over to your dresser drawer to indulge in your own kind of spice. Keeping your sex life interesting (either by yourself or with a partner) can have a lot to do with the creative ideas and add-ons you bring to the table — er, bedroom.

Whether you’re interested in new toys or fun ways to anticipate the deed, a sense of adventure is always important between two people.

After scouring the web for new goodies, I’ve created what I think is a pretty good list of items that will keep you nice and toasty:


The Scandle Body Candle

The Scandle Body Candle

Good for creating a euphoric ambiance, this two-in-one candle can also be used during foreplay as massage oil. Made from 100 percent natural ingredients, the Scandle burns at two degrees above your body temperature and in turn produces soothing oil for massages.



Durex has some new, fun products out on the market. In an effort to keep up with their Trojan competition, they’ve put out a line of sex enhancement products.

Durex Play Delight

Durex Play Delight can be used with a partner or alone and provides a vibrating sensation for added stimulation. (This could be good for sex toy beginners!)

Play Ring of Bliss

Play Ring of Bliss is exactly what it sounds like. Bringing pleasure to both parties, this ring provides added vibration and stimulation for both partners. Available at your local pharmacy, Durex toys are easily obtained for those last-minute ‘let’s get wild’ decisions.


Oral strips

Masque Sexual Flavors Oral Strips

Masque Sexual Flavors Oral Strips — better known as “The BJ Strips” — are gel strips that aim to mask the sometimes (most times?) unwanted flavor of ejaculation. THERE, I said it! The strips, to be put on a woman’s tongue right before the act, come in strawberry, mango, watermelon and chocolate flavors. Mmmm… tasty!



Astroglide X

While I personally hate the word “lube” and rarely use it myself, I know tons of girlfriends who swear by it. Astroglide X is a silicone formula that claims to last longer than all water-based lubricants. The bonus here is that it can therefore also be used IN the water!


Love is Art

Lovie is Art

This is quite possibly the coolest and sexiest gift you can ever give or be gifted, in my opinion. Watch the video to really get a sense of how it works. Essentially, you and your partner create the art by making love on top of a canvas. How hot is that!? On Oct. 1, there’s an app launching where users can submit images of their creations!


The Master Collection

The Master Collection

Getting back to the dirty side of sex (but really, how awesome is Love is Art?), why not try what Pure Romance calls “The Master Collection” for those Fifty Shades of Grey fans? The complete fantasy kit includes: the Love Wedge, Tickle & Whip, a blindfold and much more.

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Do you have any favorite “go-to” options for yourself? Please share!

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