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What to expect before you know you’re expecting

Whether you’re here because you’re in the midst of family planning and want a bouncing baby, or if you’re here because a mini-me is not what you have in mind, welcome.

The tell-tale signs you might be expecting
Pregnancy test

The two-week wait between doing the deed and waiting for Aunt Flo to come into town can be a real nail biter. If you’re hypersensitive to the idea of getting pregnant (whether it be for yay! or nay!), every cramp in your lower abdomen and every yawn that you take makes you wonder, “Could this be a symptom?”

Since I’m also in the market for finding out just what signs can be considered true pre-pregnancy signs, I did the research for you. Many mommies told me that it’s an indescribable feeling — something “you just know.” Yeah well, I need to “just know” some more!

Extremely emotional

Amber Dusick, mother of two and owner of, said:

“Before I knew I was pregnant (yet “knew” on some level), I cried during a commercial. I don’t even remember what commercial it was — something about pizza. It was certainly not one that intended to make anyone cry. I remember sitting there with tears streaming down my cheeks and thinking that either I was absolutely going crazy or I might possibly be pregnant. I hoped for the latter. Fortunately, I was right.”

Feeling hot, hot, hot!

Dawn Mamorstein, mother of four and owner of Mommy Loves to Talk, said:

“One of the first pregnancy symptoms I always have prior to a positive pregnancy test is having an extreme rise in body temperature. I have moments where I feel hot all the time regardless of the temperature outside or inside. It usually starts around day five of the two-week wait. Every time I have been pregnant, this has been the case within a couple of days I will get that first positive pregnancy test. Usually not until one day past my missed period.”

Exhaustion, heartburn, gas, sensitive breasts

Tisha Nagal, mother of a baby due in March 2013 and owner of, said: 

“In the two weeks leading up to my positive test, I was exhausted. I brushed it off as lots of stuff that I was trying to wrap up before a week-long vacation. The day I got the positive test, everything was just off. I ate lunch and felt terrible afterwards, complete with heartburn and gas. That never happens to me. During a meeting at work, I leaned against my arms on the table and my breasts were so sensitive. I grabbed a calendar and counted out how long it had been since my last period… 30 days. I knew I had to test and stopped on the way home. Positive and we are expecting in March 2013.”

Bad skin and breakouts

Sarah Kuhnell, mother of one (with another on the way!) and founder of The Truthful Mom, said: 

“The giveaway sign with all of my pregnancies, before I had even taken a test, was my skin. My skin breaks out almost immediately from the hormonal changes, especially along my hairline and forehead. As someone who usually has relatively decent skin, it is a sure sign that something is up. Unfortunately my skin stays this way for about half my pregnancy before settling into some kind of ‘normal.'”

Dreamin’ — California, or otherwise

Lauri Loewenberg, mother of one and author of the book So, What Did You Dream Last Night?, claims that your dreams can tell you if you’re pregnant… or not. If you are pregnant, Lauri says you’re likely to dream about: ripe fruits and vegetables, eggs, water-dwelling critters like tiny tadpoles and tiny fish, vessels filled with water like bathtubs and… wait for it… your own mother! Your dreams can also give you a heads up when you’re not pregnant if you’re seeing: the color red, blood, leaking water, empty rooms, rotting fruit or broken eggs.

“As you know, the mind is deeply connected to the body, so your dreaming mind will know you are pregnant before your waking self,” says Loewenberg. “I know this from my own experience, as my dreams told me when I was pregnant with all three pregnancies, and warned me of my two miscarriages, as well — before they happened!”

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