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Personalize your life

Let’s get personal with these customizable items! Whether it’s for you or your significant other, personalized and customizable items are a lot of fun! They allow you to create memories, form anecdotes and explore your creative side. Also, if you’re in a long distance relationship, customized keepsakes are a great way to feel like you and your boo are connected, no matter how far away you guys might be.

Though it might be too early for an official holiday gift guide, here are some good ideas to keep in your back pocket.




TaTaToos are exactly what you think they are: temporary tattoos for your tatas! Creative and clever, these are customized with fun messages — one or two words for each tata: Happy Anniversary, I’m Yours Be Mine, Just Married — and more! TaTaToos contain FDA-approved ingredients that are safe for the skin and last up to a week with prices starting at just $10. Get them at: TaTaToos.


U Star Novels

U Star Novels

U Star Novels lets you create personalized romantic and erotic novels, starring … well…YOU! By providing up to 30 different features and traits about yourself and your partner (including names, locations, place of employment, etc.), U Star Novels weaves all these elements throughout a 160-180 page paperback novel. The erotically-charged books contain the kind of sexual experiences you only wish to have with your partner. How awesome is it to actually read about you guys doing it? Check them out at UStarNovels.


Confections by Shara’s Paperie

Confections by Shara's Paperie

Being that we live in a time where most of us can’t live without our iPads or iPhones, why not indulge in some matching personalized cases. Confections by Shara’s Paperie offers personalization with a name, nickname or monogram. With many colors and patterns to choose from for men and women, you can match the items or coordinate each one with whatever you prefer. Search for your favorite iPad cases here and iPhone cases here!




If you want to get all cute, you must check out Minime! Offering personalized 3-D face plush toys, you can put your own face or your babyboo’s face in the toy — and let everyone know they’re taken, winkwink! Minime even added the option to personalize your iPhone with the 3-D image. Seriously, a must-see. Check them out!


Not Just Any Old Day

Not Just Any Old Day

Who doesn’t love jewelry? Not Just Any Old Day is unique, meaningful and personalized. Your Special Day Calendar Key features a Swarovski crystal inserted into… well… your most special day! Commemorate special dates in your lives, like the day you met, got engaged or maybe even your anniversary. To check this out, along with other awesome gift ideas, visit Not Just Any Old Day.

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