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Must-buy items for the summer

Cool your man off with these fun products!

This season, indulge your significant other with some fun products before the summer ends!

Beecology's Honey and Peppermint Body Wash.

Shower time

Switch up your man’s shower routine with an invigorating and eye-opening start to his day with Beecology’s Honey and Peppermint Body Wash. Made from a legit beekeeper family in Cleveland (they currently have 16 hives!), Beecology products are eco-friendly and completely natural.

Societe Perriere.

Drink up

If you’re at the beach, lounging by the pool or catching up with friends at a barbecue, make sure you and your man have plenty of Perrier’s new Slim Cans. Just launched, these all-natural, calorie-free beverages come in three flavors — original, lime and pink grapefruit. Best part? These cute little cans pack a punch when used to make alcoholic beverages. For some recipes, visit Societe Perrier.

Eastbound & Down hat

Put on a party hat

Yea, it’s hot out, but there’s more than one way to cool your man off! Check out this Eastbound & Down hat inspired by Kenny Powers’ mullet. If you’ve ever wanted him to be the life of the party, this get up will definitely do it. Did I mention there are matching T-shirts?

Hipster Dust

Spice it up

The makers of Williamsburg, Brooklyn-born Hipster Dust would argue that this summer, it’s about staying hot, not cool. The vegan spice mixture is used in the kitchen to flavor vegetables, soups, noodles and anything else you need. So, if you’re man is a wiz on the stove, he’d probably want to give this spice a shot!

Boy shorts

Boy shorts

The new swimwear line just launched by 2(x)ist features bright colors, fun prints and high-quality fabrics. Whether you’re lounging locally or traveling abroad, swim trunks for the man are a definite necessity to keep cool. Check them out!

Sportsstuff 60 Quart Floating Cooler

Coolers are cool

A treat for the both of you, the Sportsstuff 60 Quart Floating Cooler allows you and your man to spend the entire day in the pool with nice brisk drinks. This 60-quart cooler holds 48 cans and includes four cup holders and a zippered lid! Refreshments stay cold at the beach, lake, pool or anywhere else you guys are imbibing.

Have a great summer!

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