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Father’s Day gift ideas: For the “other” dads in your life

He may be your beau’s dad, but his Father’s Day gift still needs to be just right.

Father's day gift
Father’s Day gift guide

An in-law version!

He may be your beau’s dad, but his Father’s Day gift still needs to be just right.
When you were younger, figuring out what to get your dad for Father’s Day was as simple as drawing a picture or picking out a tie.

As you got older (and had a legit bank account), your father’s standards surely went up. But, no matter what you presented to Daddy on that third Sunday of June, he was undoubtedly appreciative and radiated with joy.

Well, what about the in-laws? What can you get your significant other’s father to ensure that you’ll charm the pants (figuratively speaking, of course) off him? I happened to pull together a little gift guide for you. If papa-in-law doesn’t like any of these awesome gifts, well then — I call uncle.

Eton's new Bluetooth enabled speaker system, Rukus

Help dad rock out anywhere with Eton’s new Bluetooth enabled speaker system, Rukus. This wireless speaker allows you to pair any Bluetooth device, from smartphones to tablets, to begin easily streaming music wirelessly and never run out of power. The Rukus also features a solar panel that allows you to soak up the sun for a charge, while enjoying the outdoors! (Solar $150; Non-solar $100)

Philips CitiScape Collection

The Philips CitiScape Collection of headphones is a great gift for the commuting dad. Inspired by street apparel in today’s most vibrant, diverse cities, each CitiScape model reflects an individual flavor linked by a common desire to be transported through music… so what kind of FIL is yours? Check out the collection and decide for yourself! Prices vary.

With, you can create a custom book that lists (and shows in stick-figure pictures) all of the reasons you love your father-in-law! LoveBooks come in hard cover ($45) and soft cover ($30). You also get unlimited pages for that one flat price. Check their website for a special Father’s Day discount!


Kick in a little nostalgia by creating a personalized View-Master from Image3D for your FIL. Bring back memories with this vintage viewer and reel with photos of the entire family throughout the years. The best part? Make it in 3D! The product is 100 percent recyclable and made in the U.S.A. ($25) Check out their website for Father’s Day specials.

Canvas Prints

Canvas Prints from MyPublisher allows you to display those memorable moments from a family vacation, or any other special event. These gallery-quality prints come in five different sizes, so people can choose the size that works best for them. With this easy gift option, you can provide your in-laws with a favorite photo for them to showcase in their home.

Dixon Golf Balls

It may be cliche, but anything golf-related can make a pretty great gift for the golf-loving dad. How about a pair of balls? Dixon Golf Balls are unique because they make the first high performance eco-friendly golf balls on the market. When your father-in-law is done with them, they can be recycled and turned into playground equipment or field turf. So why not get your FIL the same golf balls that Josh Duhamel, Don Cheadle, Kevin Sorbo and Samuel L. Jackson use? (Dixon Fire Golf Balls, $75/dozen)  


The FitDesk is, in my opinion, the most awesome invention I’ve ever seen. (Why isn’t this thing on Shark Tank?!) Simply put, the FitDesk allows you to use your laptop comfortably to browse the web or finish up some work, while exercising at the same time. It’s definitely worth a check out!


For the FIL with a Barney’s credit card, check out the newly launched line of men’s accessories by hook+ALBERT. The collection includes everything from dress socks to lapel flowers, colored shoe laces and ties, and is designed with style in mind for the father who can use a little swag in his suit. (Check website for prices and special deals)


iWatchz offers eight different collections of nano watchbands that allow your FIL to be styling his iPod nano in watch-mode. Bands range from vibrant silicone to soft-touch leather to stainless steel. Prices vary. Visit website for more information.

Grill Sergeant BBQ Apron

If your FIL is a grillmaster with a sense of humor, check out the Grill Sergeant BBQ Apron. This apron is man enough to hold everything within his reach. He’ll be equipped with everything a true veteran of the barbecue needs, from pockets to hold his condiments and utensils to slots for enough ice cold brews to keep him hydrated while he’s adding some shrimp to the barbie!

Bonus idea

If you’re still having trouble figuring what to get Mr. FIL, check out this innovative site: Wantful is a new gifting resource that helps find exceptional gifts personally matched to any recipient. All you have to do is go online, answer visual cues about his style, taste, habits, etc. and personally pick gifts from Wantful’s curated selection of products. The end result is a tailored and beautiful gift book with 16 items chosen just for dad — either delivered to him directly or to you to hand him yourself. BOOM.

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