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Sexercising: Move it or lose it

Do you have moves like Jagger?

Couple exercising together

On a recent trip to Mexico for a destination wedding, my friend was telling me that she has experienced orgasms while doing sit-ups. Of course I quizzed her nonstop: Where did this happen? How did she feel it? Was it a regular orgasm you feel from sex or something completely different?

White envy was written all over my face. I had to know more.

At this point in your life, you’ve heard the benefits of exercising for your health and well-being, right? Eat healthier, exercise more, do some meditation and voila — your chi will be centered. But what about the exercises that increase your libido and sex drive? No one ever talked about those strenuous activities… until now.

According to Mikhaya Heart, author of The Ultimate Guide to Orgasm for Women, there is a very strong connection between the excitement that is inspired by sports and the excitement inspired by sexual desire. “If you’re in a relationship, it’s a good idea for you and your partner to find a sport that you both enjoy and do it together,” she says. “You will find that it arouses both an internal energetic charge and a camaraderie that promotes intimacy, which can often find release in sexual play.”

Susan Gala, LMT is the founder of the Sexhercise® Method, which teaches women how to energetically use their pelvic floor muscles. She explains that the second chakra is the sacral chakra that relates to sexual power, creativity and wealth. The pelvis is the foundation for all movement in the body and can be either an incredible passion center or a center that has trapped trauma. When the latter is the case, you can feel pain in your lower back, hips, pelvis or experience a leaky bladder. In her teachings, Susan works with her students to awaken sexual energy using imagery and visualization. When the pelvic floor is embodied, both partners enjoy pleasurable sex and more orgasms.

Patty Brisben, founder of Pure Romance, encourages couples to ballroom dance together. In particular, this form of dancing relies on the act of two people moving in harmony to a rhythm. Just like with sex, if you can’t find the rhythm, the dance is off. “Think about the dance as foreplay,” says Patty. “Women want to be held and touched without going straight to sex. They want to feel the power and passion of the music and be sexy. Men want to feel strong, responsible and in control, and for both parties, they can act this out and release any drama that might have been consuming their minds earlier in the day.” So between your Groupons and your LivingSocials, find a dance special and book it!

Michael Lucente of SEXbucketlist says that he loves coming home from work to his wife doing yoga. “I especially love when the music is really loud and she doesn’t hear me come in,” he goes on. “I sneak up from behind her… it gets us started every time! Obviously it turns her on, too!”

So there you have it — some exercise tips and techniques from the experts. How about you? Have you ever had an orgasm from doing anything non-sexual?

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