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Must-have items to add to your wedding registry

Registering for your wedding is making a wish list come to life.

Bride with gifts

Think you’ve got it all? Think again

Registering for your wedding is making a wish list come to life.


More often than not, a bride and groom will walk into Bloomingdale’s, Bed Bath & Beyond and Pottery Barn with a readiness to tackle every section and add items they want and absolutely need to build their homes.

Registering is awesome in that you are basically telling guests what you want instead of running the risk of getting something that you’ll never use. For those couples uncomfortable with asking for big-ticket items — or just unsure of what they will need, CARD AVENUE provides a solution for that. As the one and only gift card registry, the site allows you to “register” for different gift cards — and allows for friends and family to fill those up!

As of late, the norm of choosing items from actual stores has subsided as an abundance of different options are popping up and changing the game. If you’re not a Williams-Sonoma kind of couple, maybe some of these options would suit you better.

Money pooling

With NoBadGift, the bride and groom put together a wish list for loved ones to then contribute monetary amounts toward. For example, if Mr. & Mrs. Future want a 70-inch LED Samsung TV from Best Buy, NoBadGift facilitates the collection of funds gifted to help the couple reach their goal. There is no limit to how many items — or even money goals — you can list.

Similarly, Deposit A Gift is another option for collecting cash or fun items for your wedding instead of gifts. Founder Dana Otsomel listed these as some of her all time favorite items asked for: A bed (which the couple called Project Mattress), UCB improv lessons, adoption assistance fun to start their family, a puppy, moving van and a Costco membership. Get creative, people!

GiftSimple is yet another alternative in addition to the above. The proof is in the pudding wedding cake — crowdsourcing monies for wedding gifts is definitely on the rise!

Honeymoon wishes

According to a recent study by the University of Denver, 70 percent of couples are already cohabitating before they get married. That said, it’s no surprise that they would much rather a fabulous honeymoon than a toaster or blender. Together with your partner, you can build and “register” for the ultimate honeymoon, complete with airfare, hotel, adventures, dinner, etc. The list is endless. (How it works) My Tab is similar and has a bunch more options, as well, including social media collaborations.

Green Karat

Through their myKarat program, friends and relatives can donate broken and unwanted jewelry to be made into wedding bands for the couple. How awesome is that?! They refine the gold, add new alloys and use those same gold molecules to create unique keepsake wedding rings. This (awesome) concept provides three benefits: 1. The couple gets credit for the gold donated, so they save money on rings, even free sometimes; 2. The rings are made with sentimental gold previously worn by the couple’s loved ones, thus creating unique keepsake rings with special meaning; and 3. No new gold is mined to create the rings, so the concept is completely environmentally-friendly!

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