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Bride-to-be’s guide to email organization

This is the first and only article regarding email organization that you need to read.

Bride to be using computer

When you’re newly engaged, emails from The Knot and The Wedding Channel can get extremely overwhelming. Add in photographer options, florists and idea boards and your inbox can become a disaster zone. Lucky for you, there’s me.

As a recent bride and an (crazy neurotic) event planner, I managed to pull off a pretty awesome wedding, if I do say so myself. And, as with every amazing event, the most important part of pulling it off is being organized. First step: Email organization. I’m happy to share my personal A to Z system with you all. Hopefully, it will help you as much as it helped me! (Editor’s Note: This is the Jewish version)

Let’s start with the most important part: Creating a new email address

My suggestion is to cheat. Not on your fiance, but on your GMail account (Yea, I know you have one. We all do) with a new service: Yahoo! Why Yahoo? Easiest to organize. Set up a a new Yahoo! email account and then create the following folders to keep you extremely organized throughout your planning process. I didn’t start out with these folders, but trust me — you’ll end up having the following (and maybe more) as you go.

  • Addresses – For guest list names and addresses your parents might email you. Be sure to file them into this folder once the task is completed to avoid confusion.
  • Bachelorette – Any and all correspondence between you and your maid of honor and bridesmaids.
  • Budget – Keep all receipts, invoices and budget-related Excel spreadsheet files here. Keep notes of what you, your parents and your in-laws pay for, if applicable for splitting up bills later.
  • Bridesmaids – File your ideas for bridal gifts, information about bridesmaid dresses, jewelry, etc.
  • Cake – Email yourself photos of cakes you like, emails with bakeries, etc.
  • Dinner – Rehearsal dinner options and anything having to do with the event.
  • Extras – Things you want to look into for extras, ideas you have, photos you see, etc.
  • Favors – Ideas, photos, etc.
  • Flowers – Florist vendor options, photos and ideas.
  • Gown – Wedding dress goodness.
  • Hair/Makeup – Options, emails with vendors, ideas and photos.
  • Honeymoon – Ideas and pricing.
  • Hotel – Keep detailed information about your guest hotel options, correspondence with the group sales manager(s) and ideas for gift bags.
  • Insurance – File all liability insurance paperwork from all your vendors here. It’s easier than keeping it in the appropriate vendor folder because this way they’ll all be in once place.
  • Invitations – Ideas and vendor options.
  • Jam Out – Music options from songs to play and bands or DJs to check out.
  • Ketubah/Kippot – Keep track of vendors and orders.
  • Limo/transportation
  • Menu – If you’re using a caterer.
  • Not Using – This is a pretty useful folder. It’s where I ended up filing emails from the vendors we didn’t use. Hey, you never know!
  • Organization – Filed all spreadsheets, templates, etc. that I found online and wanted to print out and use at some point.
  • Planner – I didn’t use one, but just in case you do, make a folder.
  • Photographers – File all vendor options here before selecting THE photographer and giving them their own folder.
  • Questions – Email yourself any questions you want to ask any of your vendors so you won’t forget later on
  • Recommendations – I used this folder to keep any emailed advice I received.
  • Registry – Items you want, emails from the bridal consultants from the places you registered at, etc.
  • Sent By Me – Emails I BCC’d myself on so that I don’t have to go digging through sent mail. These should be important emails with your venue, your parents, your fiance, etc.
  • The Knot – Hey, they have some pretty good emails sometimes. File them.
  • Videographers – File all vendor options here before selecting THE videographer and giving them their own folder.
  • Wedding Channel – Hey, they have some pretty good emails sometimes. File them.
  • X-rated – What you do on your own time is none of my business… but you will want to pack some sexy lingerie for the honeymoon!
  • Your venue – I actually had a folder with my reception hall’s name and filed all email correspondence with my consultant.

I’d love to know your thoughts, answer any questions and provide advice if you’d like! Feel free to email me at

Hope this helps!

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