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3 Reasons being single rocks

If you’ve ever rocked out to Beyonce’s song “Single Ladies,” you know what a great anthem it really is. And do you know why we love that song so much? Well, even though having a great guy to share your time with is fun and all, being a single lady is better than it may seem. And we’re telling you exactly why!

Why being single rocks

More time for friends

When you’re in a relationship, close friendships often get put on the backburner. A lot of silly gals think that finding their perfect mate means they don’t have a need for their girlfriends anymore, and unfortunately this sometimes puts an end to those BFF bonds.

But when you’re a single lady, you can spend as much time with the girls as you want! Single ladies understand the importance of girls’ night and keeping up with everything going on in their girls’ lives, and they always put their girls first!

you can be a little bit selfish

We’re not saying that being selfish in general is a good thing, but the kind of selfish you can be when you’re single is certainly a great thing. When you’re single, you can be a little bit selfish and do the things you want to do — without worrying about whether your man would enjoy it.

Single ladies can spend the weekend at the spa or shopping and not worry about boring their man. And let’s be honest, loved-up ladies, don’t you sometimes just wish you could do your own thing without worrying about a man?

time to work on you

The best relationships involve two people who really know themselves and what they want out of life. And really, if you don’t know yourself, how are you supposed to give yourself fully to a relationship?

Single ladies have all the time in the world to really focus on their own lives and spend the time improving themselves, and in the long run, this will only help you become the person you want to be — the person who finds Prince Charming and lives happily ever after.

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