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3 Ways to be a good friend

We’re dishing on dating this month here on LovingYou, but we’re also giving some attention to a huge topic that affects single ladies — friendship!

How to be a better friend

Let’s face it ladies. Single gals have more time to dedicate to their friends. It shouldn’t be that way, but it is. If you find yourself riding solo this month, it’s the perfect time to boost your friendship bonds, and we’re here to show you how!

Make time for your girls

Whether you’re single or partnered up, girl time is an integral part of life. And don’t use the “I’m too busy” excuse, ladies, because no person is “too busy” to make time for the ones they love. Whether you vow to call your best friends more often this month or make time for a few more get-togethers, make sure you let your friends know that you enjoy spending time with them and put your money where your mouth is by showing them that, too.

Lend an ear

The simple act of reaching out to a friend and telling her that you’re always happy to hear her out when she’s down in the dumps is always well-received. Just think about it: Sometimes you’re going through a rough time and you just want to sit at home and mope by yourself. If you’re not ready to talk it out with a girlfriend, that’s A-OK, but just knowing that your girls will be there for you when/if you’re ready is an amazing feeling, right? Right.

Be honest

We all need that friend who will tell us when we’re being stupid. You know the type: She’s the friend who’s not afraid to put you in your place and tell you that the guy you’re crushing on is a total dud or that your outfit really does nothing for your shape. These friends aren’t being honest to be mean, though. They’re doing it because they care about you, and you should reciprocate. So next time you’re toying with telling a little white lie to one of your girls, think about what you’d want them to do: Would you want to hear the truth (as hard as it sometimes is) or would you want them to let you act like an idiot? We think you know the answer!

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