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There’s an app for that!

Given all the technology at your fingertips these days, why not bring some into the bedroom? Take your attention away from before-bed-email-checking and try these fun iPad apps with your beau instead! Who knows where it can lead…

Romantic couple on iPad

On our honeymoon, my hubby and I spent more time together than we ever had before. Coming from a heavy PR-based background, one could only imagine how wonderful it is not to hear the ‘dinging’ sound notification of a new email. Instead, we had the opportunity to only focus on one another, appreciate our surroundings and make sure we didn’t stay… well, bored!

I brought my iPad on our honeymoon (but made sure emails were turned off!) for the purpose of reading the daily headlines. During some of our downtime, I thought it would be a fun idea to invoke some friendly competition into our relationship. Cut to: the Apple Store to download Checkers. Hubby and I played countless games, placing — ahem — “special” bets for the winner. Not only did we have some fun with our friendly competition, but we were able to physically be close to one another while playing the game!

Here are some other awesome iPad apps worth the download:

How to Kiss with Passion

Why not take it back to square one with your lover? Kissing is one of the most important parts of intimacy. We’ve all been there — when your partner is not a good kisser — something is just off! There are many kinds of kisses to reflect the many levels of affection you can have for someone and honestly, kissing can be nerve-wracking! It’s a complete guide to kissing and includes:

  • 10 steps to the perfect kiss
  • Kissing games
  • Step-by-step kissing instructions
  • Dos and Don’ts
  • Advice and FAQs
  • And more!

This app is designed for both iPhones and iPads and can be downloaded HERE.

Frye TV

While this isn’t a downloadable app due to its content, it’s a website that is customized for the iPad and therefore makes my list! FryeTV is essentially Netflix for adult content. According to the creators, over two-thirds of their customer base is married or co-habitating. So, lay back, watch the clips/movies together and maybe you guys might learn a thing or two!

Words with Friends

Yep, you probably already have this app, but who would have thought it might get you all feisty-feeling in the bedroom? The app stimulates both mind and body with friendly competition and flirting between tile placements. In a recent study done by Zynga (creator of the app), results showed that one in every 10 respondents said that Words with Friends has led directly to a hook up! So F-L-I-R-T (9 point word!) your way to some fun in the bedroom! Download Words With Friends (free version) or the HD iPad version.

The Questions

This app offers 76 questions to ask your beau! It guides you into deeper and deeper inquiries and is a hot form of foreplay of the mind. Couples can use the app in the bedroom to explore and deepen intimate conversations about their relationship. Fun note: This app was developed by a psychologist! The Questions can be downloaded HERE.

Do you have any apps you’d add to the list? Share them!

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