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The rom-com challenge

Here’s a list of our favorite 29 romantic comedies of all time. This month, we challenge you and your significant other to watch one movie each night.

Romantic Movies Valentine's Day Calendar

February is the month that’s either loved or hated. It’s loved by happy women in relationships and hated by the single women detesting the sight of said happy women in relationships. This challenge is for the former.

Healthy relationships cultivate when two people enjoy spending time with one another, no matter where they are or what they’re doing. Just like a newborn baby thrives on being held by its mother, so should a couple in love – well, the “held” part, anyway!

Below is a list of 29 movies handpicked by yours truly. For the month of February, here is a challenge for you and your beau. Lie in bed or cuddle on the couch, touch skin the entire time and watch one movie per night – 29 in total. Let us know your experiences through comments and feel free to tweet your thoughts with the hashtag #RomComChallenge.

Enjoy the movies and most of all enjoy each other!

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