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Valentine’s Day date night ideas

Whether you’ve been married for years or just started dating, do something special this Valentine’s Day. We have compiled a list of some fantastic Valentine’s Day date night ideas that are romantic, exciting and fun.

Valentine's Day date night

Cheap date ideas

Dinner at home – You don’t have to spend a small fortune going out to an expensive restaurant. Instead, plan a special dinner at home. You can share the cooking duties and spend time together in the kitchen, or order takeout and let someone else do the work. Include some aphrodisiacs on the menu. Splurge on a bottle of Champagne. You won’t have to worry about a designated driver because you are already at home.

Go out for dessert – Save a little money by going out to a nice restaurant, but just for dessert. Eat dinner at home and then head out to one of your favorite spots for something sweet. You’ll still enjoy the romantic atmosphere without breaking your budget.

Romantic date ideas

Take a helicopter tour – If you’re looking for something super romantic, consider a helicopter tour of your city. It will be a bit expensive, but if money is no object on this holiday, it can be very romantic — and exciting.

Enjoy a carriage ride – A horse-drawn carriage ride can be a bit of a cliche, but if you’ve never done it before, it’s a splendid idea for a romantic Valentine’s Day date night. If you don’t want to splurge on the carriage, take a moonlit stroll instead.

Casual date ideas

Take a camping trip – If you’re looking for a casual date night idea for Valentine’s Day, think outside the box. An overnight camping trip for two — even for just one night — can be very cozy and romantic. Bring some marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers to make s’mores.

Head to the race track – Sporting events are a fun date night idea. Take in a basketball game or consider heading to the dog or horse races where you can drink a few beers, munch on peanuts and maybe make a few bucks on the races.

Unique date ideas

Rent a boat – Charter a boat and head out for a deep sea fishing trip. It’s a unique experience that can be really thrilling, if you catch a big one. This is also a fun Valentine’s Day idea if you are single. Just gather your other single friends and have everyone pitch in for the cost of the boat.

Take the day off – When Valentine’s Day falls during the week, you don’t have to wait until evening to start the fun. Take the day off and enjoy time with your sweetie from morning to night. You can sleep in late, go out to lunch and spend the afternoon exploring your city.

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