Sex during your period

We all love romance, right? Candle-lit dinners, Champagne, roses — especially on Valentine’s Day. Love is in the air, and while Cupid’s arrow will strike the hearts of couples everywhere, an uninvited guest could ruin the overall romantic experience: the dreaded period!

Unhappy woman in bed

It’s a more common situation than we may consider — we all get our periods once a month, and according to an Association of Health Professionals survey, nearly three-quarters of women miss sex during their periods — likely to pierce the hearts of couples everywhere this Feb. 14.

In fact, a 2011 national survey by Softcup, a leader in feminine protection, found that 60 percent of women are uncomfortable having sex during that time of the month. This sentiment is more pronounced among older women, more than 70 percent of whom report that they are uncomfortable compared with just 51 percent of younger women.

But there’s hope for lovers of all ages! Board certified physician Dr. Christine Ko says you can still be intimate with your partner. She offered a few suggestions:

Be honest

“Open up to your partner and make him aware of the situation. Communication is key to any relationship,” says Ko.

Take it slow

While menstruating, women can be extra sensitive. “A sensual massage is one way to set the mood,” advises Ko. We agree!

Embrace the moment

Having sex while on your period creates a different experience for many couples. An added bonus for women: Sex has been proven to help alleviate cramps.

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