5 Playful date ideas

Looking to up the fun quotient on your dating life this year? Go play! Dr. Stuart Brown, Founder of the National Institute for Play, says, “The basis of human trust is established through play signals.” There are many different types of play: from imaginative play to spectator play, to rough and tumble play, and many more. Relationships can often grow stronger through the exchange of these play signals and shared play experiences. Here are a few ideas to get you started on your play dates!

Couple performing karaoke

People watch

This is a great way to tap into some imaginative play! Pick a prime people-watching location, such as a park bench on a nice day or a booth at a restaurant with a spectator’s view of the patrons, and make up stories about the people you see. Try out your best (or worst!) character voices, create elaborate back stories, have fun and get creative!


Whether it’s the foxtrot at your local Arthur Murray franchise or Pop-Lockin’-Wackin’ at a professional studio, you’ll be engaging in body play together (Sounds sexy, right?). Who knows? Maybe you’ll discover that someone can really step up and, in that case, prepare to get served. (Okay, couldn’t help myself.)

Try an outlandish restaurant

Find the cheesiest restaurant in your town, and I’m not talking pizza. There are plenty of places that are wonderfully weird and make for a fun explorative play experience. Maybe there’s a novelty item on the menu or kitschy décor. If anything, it’ll be a night to remember! (Tip: Pretend it’s your birthday, get something sweet with a candle in it and an obnoxious serenade from the wait staff!)

Go rock climbing

Belay on! A day pass at any climbing facility usually gets you and your partner a beginner’s lesson, and then you’ll be off to defy gravity! It’s vital for belay partners to communicate and help coach each other along the way, so it’s a great way to build trust with one another while having fun!


Whether you rent a private room or sing for the whole bar, there’s only one rule: You must only sing songs about making love. Why? It gets you laughing and flirting and, yes, that’s a type of play! Guaranteed good times.

Tess Paras is an LA-based actor with a professional background in communications and small business entrepreneurship. She’s appeared on television shows, commercials, and musicals throughout the country and co-hosts the new web-based talk show, “Dirty Talk Dating.” Follow her tweets on performing, food and dance class @TessParas.

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