Can you meet your soulmate online?

We all know that meeting the perfect mate is about partnership, rather than ownership or power — and that means you are able to respect and support another. Are you remembering this when dating online? Read our tips, and learn to be happy!

Woman online dating

Take control

Be the master of your own destiny: Instead of waiting to see who emails you, take the time to go through profiles and contact the men you’re interested in. Don’t be passive in your own life; take control — make your own luck instead of waiting to “be lucky.”

Use value-based search criteria

How do you search for dates? Is it by a mile-radius? When sorting through all the men in a 30-mile radius, make sure to use value-based search criteria. There are factors that make a partnership work such as common interests and beliefs. What is important to you: politics, religion, education, etc.? If their sense of humor comes through their profile and tickles your funny bone, that’s always a plus.

Profile pictures aren’t important

We all know that attraction is actually the result of many factors — physical appearance, chemistry and personality all come to bear. Yet by using profile pictures as a way to narrow down your list, you are assuming attraction is based on physical appearance alone. You may wind up missing out on someone you could be really interested in. The only thing you can even begin to tell is whether or not he seems to have “kind eyes” — which is exactly what I thought about my then-future husband when I saw his picture.

Overlook the unimportant stuff and focus on the big picture

Once you’ve developed your short list and you’re starting to date, make sure to keep some perspective. It’s easy to get distracted by the small stuff, like an odd eating habit or strange laugh, but these things are trivial. Focus on what really matters. Ask yourself the following: Does he seem like a good person? Does he strike you as genuine? Are you authentic when you are with him? Do you have good conversation? Can you envision having fun together? How do you feel when you’re with him? What does he bring out in you?

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