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3 Tips for shopping for your honey this holiday

Gift giving can be stressful in general, but it becomes even more frenzied around the holidays. Whether you’re big on gifting or you dread it, there’s really no way to get around it this time of year. Learn how to avoid any awkward romantic gift scenarios with our tips!

Woman giving gift to husband

Set a price limit

A lot of couples have no clue how much to spend on each other over the holidays. Whether you want to buy a small, meaningful trinket for your honey or you’re up for extravagant gifts is up to you, but you should be on the same page. No one likes to get an expensive gift when they gave their partner a cheaper present because it makes you feel stingy. On the flip side, if you shelled out a ton of cash on your sweetie and he didn’t reciprocate, you likely got your wires crossed somewhere. Address the topic casually and suggest a dollar amount you should both keep in mind to avoid any awkward day-of situations.

Do some snooping

The best gifts are complete surprises. If your honey has a hobby or passion, this makes things easier when shopping season comes around, but if there’s no clear-cut gift option for him this year, do some digging. Ask his friends what he’s been eyeing lately, snoop around his Facebook to see if he’s joined any fan pages recently, ask his family what he’s always wanted but never got… do anything sneaky you can (within reason, of course!) to find out what he really wants but hasn’t shared with you. He might really want something but isn’t telling you because he thinks you’d rather get creative and buy something you chose, or he might think whatever’s on his wish list is too pricey. Surprise him with your detective skills this year!

Drop hints

You hate it when your honey makes it difficult to find a gift to buy, so why would you do the same? If you really, really want something, there’s no harm in casually dropping a hint… or two or three! Heck, why don’t you go ahead and just tell your man what you want? It’ll make his life a lot easier, and he’ll be happy knowing that he’s buying you something you actually want. Ask your man to do the same and suggest that you both make a list of four or five items you’d love to have. This way, you can both choose what you ultimately buy each other, but your job will be a lot easier!

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