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The art of talking dirty

Guys just love to hear girls talk dirty. If you’ve never done it before, let us help you learn how! We’ve got some sexy examples to get you started. The most important part? Confidence!

Woman whispering in man's ear

Put yourself in the right mindset beforehand!

Read erotic stories. Listen to songs that turn you on. Watch some naughty videos. Lie back and let your body relax. Practice uttering dirty words. You might even want to masturbate while you practice talking dirty. Experiment with making erotic sound. Talking dirty isn’t just about saying words, it’s the sounds you make and the tone of your voice that really make a guy go crazy.

Start out with a few ooohs and mmms to get comfortable

You might already do this anyway. It just comes naturally, doesn’t it? View talking dirty the same way. All you need to do is be a little more vocal in bed. Take it slowly. Just go out of your comfort zone a tiny bit every time you have sex. As long as you practice, you won’t find it to be very difficult.

Develop your own code for the things you might not be comfortable saying

Some things might be so dirty to you that you might not ever feel comfortable saying them. Instead, use code words. For instance, you could say “I want you to do my favorite thing!” when you want him to go down on you. Or “Now, it’s my turn” When you want to do oral on him.

Try to get him to talk dirty too

Ask him in a seductive voice what he would like to do. It’ll be easier for you to talk dirty when he’s doing it too. When both of you are open about what turns you on, the overall experience is enhanced. Sex will become more exciting and enjoyable!

Ok, now that you know how to get started, here are some examples of what you could say.

  • Stand right there and let me undress you.
  • Have you been bad today? You’re gonna have to let me punish you.
  • You look so hot right now! I want you.
  • Do you want me? How much do you want me?
  • I love it when you use your tongue.
  • Oh God! That feels so good.
  • You’re making me so crazy!
  • You make me so wild in bed!
  • I’ve been a bad girl today. How are you going to punish me?

It doesn’t sound that hard, does it? Of course, you don’t have to say these examples, word for word. Get a little frisky and try coming up with your own phrases!

Heather Jennings has been empowering men and women for years in the bedroom. Her lovemaking techniques inspire even the most shy couples to open up, talk dirty in bed and push the limits of their sexual boundaries.

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