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Suddenly single for the holidays

You have just been dumped by your boyfriend or maybe it was you who decided to dump the chump yourself. Either way, you are now single and just in time for the holidays. The holiday season tends to be a lonely time for single people, but do not panic; you can still have fun while flying solo. Here are some great ways to get in the holiday spirit while celebrating your new status.

Woman pouring champagne at Christmas party

Host your own event

If you do not have a flurry of invites flowing your way, why not host your own event this season? Chances are you know more than a handful of people who do not have plans for the holidays. This could be a perfect time to have a potluck dinner party or make all those fun dishes that you have always wanted to make for your friends.

Get invited

Being single does not mean you have to sit at home alone. Now is the time to fill up your social calendar. See what your friends are up to and what parties they are attending. That just might get you invites to some great holiday gatherings or dinner parties. You just might end up with more invitations than you know what to do with. If your friends aren’t up to anything that you find interesting, do a little research and find out what is going on in your area. There is always a party somewhere. Go out and be a social butterfly. Dress to impress and enter events dramatically so everyone will want to know who you are.

Go on a vacation getaway by yourself

You kept saying that you want to go to an exotic location, and now there is nothing and no one holding you back. Go sit on a beach somewhere, have a drink in your hand, and flirt with a cabana boy who is there to serve you. After all, it is how Stella got her groove back. Doesn’t this sound more fun than sitting at home with your Hungry Man frozen Christmas dinner? There are plenty of resources online for the solo traveler. Don’t forget your camera so that you can document your exotic trip.

Buy yourself a fabulous gift

You know that money you started putting aside to buy your man a great gift this holiday season? Since he is no longer in the picture, take it and buy yourself something luxurious. Splurge and get yourself an “I love me” present. You deserve something just for you because you are amazing. Get yourself an item or experience that you have always wanted. It will add a little joy to your holidays!

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